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March 29, 2010 by wcobserver 839:2534

Hello Everyone:   My sympathies to the families and friends of Bob Combs and Dean Samples of Winslow who both passed away recently. I understand that Bob was still sitting in his truck in his front yard after going to recycle newspapers.  We don’t know when our time to leave this earth is scheduled so make each day count and let your family and friends know you love them.

One of our elders, Jennifer Stiles, drove to Batesville for a Presbytery meeting last Friday.  She said the four and half-hour trip took seven hours because of the big truck wreck on I-40.

My friend, Vonnie Hill and I drove to Tulsa on Friday.  My son, Michael, had written down explicit directions to the motel and to the Mardel Christian Bookstore where I was to do a Vacation Bible School Presentation the next day.  I drove right to the motel using Michael’s directions.  After checking in, I drove to Mardel’s to make sure I knew how to get there.  On the bottom of Michael’s directions, he had put ‘to get back to motel…….reverse steps.’  I got lost!  I was in the wrong lane and missed my exit and ended up about five miles out of town!

We finally found the right exit and our motel!  I’d never been to that part of town before.  It seems like I always have that kind of an adventure whenever I go out of town.  I just call it ‘sight-seeing.’

Happy anniversary wishes to Richard and Mary Smith who will celebrate their (I believe) 61st anniversary on Friday, the 26th.

Don’t forget the fundraising dinner at Grandma’s Café in Winslow this Saturday.   You can enjoy a great meal and help support Ozark Folkways at the same time.

Eddie Vick (Talk of the Town beauty shop) has two female beagle puppies to give away.  She hopes to give them both to someone who really loves dogs.  If interested, please give her a call at 839-3184.

My nine-year-old granddaughter was given a prescription for medication for her ears.  The pharmacy put “put drops in eyes four times a day.” No kidding!  Better check how your prescription reads… might be different than you think!

Our pastor and his wife of Fayetteville are really enjoying the Observer.  Margaret said she really hopes the paper will be a success.  I do too.  If you enjoy the paper, remember this is your last free issue.  Get your subscription and keep up with the local news and the happenings of the schools and the city council.

Remember the list of the seven deadly sins that was formulated during the sixth century: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, vengeance, envy and pride.  Did you know that the sin of sadness was also included in the original list?

Until next time: resist any tendency to let sadness dominate you.  Be joyful for joy is a fruit of the Spirit that’s always in season.



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