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Winslow Council Knocks Out Packed Agenda


March 30, 2010 by wcobserver

The Winslow City Council met at 7 p.m. Monday night for their regular monthly meeting at City Hall. Present were: Randy Jarnagan, Mayor; Mary Bromley, Recorder; Council members Barbara Ashbaugh, Velma Duncan, Marsha Cooley and Leta McGuire. Council members Dan Clark and Diane Rickman were absent. The council covered numerous old and new agenda items smoothly.

Mayor Jarnagan updated the council on the progress of several ongoing city projects. Improvements to Peek Park rock flower beds is moving forward and should be ready by planting time. The project is part of improvements being made by the Winslow Community Development Commission (WCDC) which include a concrete or brick walk, planters, an electric outlet and a small multi-purpose stage. Information about the two state parks would be available at the site. The Old School Building plumbing and electrical repairs have been made as well as the renovation of space in city hall.

The Old School Bell is being mounted on a cherry wood frame and should be finished soon. The bell was used at the school from the mid 30’ to mid 60’s. Council members took turns ringing it a hundred times at the Centennial Celebration. It has been stolen a couple of times over the years, according to Barbara Ashbaugh.

Street maintaince bids for overlay and chip and seal work on Van Buren and Two Gun Streets will be advertised Mar. 22 thru Apr. 8. A decision will be made at the regular April 12 council meeting.

A motion was made and passed to renew the Sheltering Agreement contract with the City of Fayetteville. The two-year agreement costs $75 per year. The county takes stray animals to the Shelter in Fayetteville if their owners cannot be located.

The council discussed several city events. The mayor suggested this year’s Forth of July fireworks display end with red and green to note the tenth year for the Christmas Parade. The display will cost about $2800.

The topic of “Music at the Pavilion” led to a discussion of the need for a tent to replace the one stolen several years ago. It would be useful at both Winfest and the Forth of July Picnic.

The council reviewed the Water Department financial audit. Excluding depreciation, the department made $23,000. There was a large number of late fees paid.

Spring cleanup is scheduled for the last week in May. The Farmers Market is due to open April 1. The recycling program is going very well. The vacuum cleaner was reported broken. The mayor said,” It’s probably the belt.”

Meeting Adjourned at 7:50.


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  1. susan cooney says:

    where it says that stray animal contract is $75/year it seems to me more likely to be $75 per pet but I could be completely wrong.

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