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Duct Tape Fashions Emerge in Fourth Grade


April 18, 2010 by wcobserver

Duct Tape Fashions Emerge in Fourth Grade

There is a new fashion trend budding in West Fork’s fourth grade.  Not only are all of the fashionable creations made by kids, they’re also made of duct tape!   You may be imagining the gray roll in your kitchen “junk” drawer, but these creations are made from duct tape in dozens of colors and patterns including tied-dye and plaid. 

“Natalia brought all the duct tape stuff up,” says Autumn Stewart, referring to her classmate Natalia Franco.

Natalia first strolled into her fourth grade class in February sporting a colorful mini skirt made completely from duct tape in a myriad of colors.

“I thought it was a joke.  That was my first reaction,” says Natalia’s teacher, Mr. Bob Chism.  He adds, “The kids noticed right off the interesting use of duct tape.”

Not only did other kids notice, they began experimenting with duct tape, too.  Colorful and very creative creations have shown up in three fourth-grade classrooms, that not only include mini-skirts, but shoes, flip-flops, hats, purses, rings, scarves, and full-sized messenger bags with straps and even a pillow.  

At least seven girls are sporting duct tape shoes and no two are alike; the girls claim they are comfortable.  “It’s insulated,” said Raven Edens.  “And waterproof,” said Natalia Franco.  All the girls agree their duct tape fashions are sometimes too warm now that the weather is getting warmer.

Asked what their moms thought about their duct tape fashions, Autumn Stewart quickly said, “It’s $3 a roll!”

Natalia says it all started with a gift her sister, Sofia, received for Christmas.  An aunt had given her sister “Ductagami, The Art of the Tape”, an instructional book about how to make everything from wallets to shower curtains and about a dozen rolls of duct tape in a rainbow of colors.  The first thing she made was a wallet.  She made a couple more wallets and having mastered the “sheeting” technique, she began making her own fashionable creations; all without a pattern or any parental assistance.  Her duct tape skirt even has a kick pleat and Velcro closures.

“Thinking up what I’m going to make next is pretty much the funnest part.  Making it is second fun,”
said Natalia.

For crazy sock day last week, Natalia came to class sporting her “bocks”, a boot and sock combination she had created out of orange, yellow and an orange tie-dyed duct tape. 

“I’ve never seen so much excitement over duct tape.  It’s fashion,” said Mr. Chism.  He adds, “She (Natalia) gave me a wallet.  It is adorable, my goodness.”

If you’d like to see color pictures of these duct tape creations, visit the Washington County Observer Facebook page.



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