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Alternatives to Statue


May 24, 2010 by wcobserver

Alternatives to Statue

May 6, 2010

To the Editor,

As a reader of the Observer, I’ve been following with interest the ongoing flap and controversy about the proposed angel sculpture for Riverside Park.  The park boasts a coherent and fitting rustic, balanced design that’s in perfect harmony with its lovely setting, and I fear that a marble angel might introduce a rather jarring element that doesn’t quite belong—a puzzling non sequitur that seems to have washed down from upstream church yard or cemetery.

To avoid this conflict and to more represent the unique state of City affairs, I believe a more fitting work of public art might be a sculpture depicting a cop chasing three City Council members down the park’s footpath.  Or perhaps a group of smokers hanging out in the parking lot.

But if the Mayor insists on an angel, you might consider an angel in a bathing suit and whistle, with water wings instead of the usual feathers.  Or as an alternative to an angel, how about a statue of that icon of peace and serenity, the Buddha, seated by the water’s edge in lotus position, holding a cane fishing  pole.  Or better still, why not commission a truly epic work of unique home-grown folk art—The Ten Commandments, rendered in chain-link fencing and Styrofoam cups.  The City is known to have a resident artist who works in this medium.

Thanks to the Observer for keeping us current on this matter.

Your Humble Servant,

Ben Few



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