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Fins and Tales:Fishing Never Better


May 26, 2010 by wcobserver

Fins and Tales

By Blake Tedford

Spring fishing here in Northwest Arkansas has never been better. Many anglers are reporting catches higher than and bigger than ever before. Since winter was so long it’s nice to see fewer cold fronts and warming temperatures. As the post-spawn season arrives, May is a good time to pattern fish. Mike at Hook Line and Sinker suggests using soft plastics to catch bass at Beaver Lake Texas or Carolina rigged style to get to the bottom. He also said that crappie has slowed down at Beaver but they’re still hitting minnows near timber and brush.

Paula King at Prairie Grove Lake said to use crickets and worms for bluegill. Bluegill fishing is excellent at Prairie Grove Lake. Bass are being caught on small plastic worms rigged Texas style. My dad and I went fishing and we were catching them on a Wave Worm Tiki Stick, a sort of sinko-type bait weightless.

We also caught a few on watermelon chartreuse lizards. If you’re fishing Beaver or Table Rock, the last of the spawners can be caught on the main lake points and slightly deeper structure-like points, creek channels, or ledges. They will be staging on their way back to deep water.

Top waters remain good producers early and late day. It helps to use floating mono line like 15 pound power silk line. On off-shore structures like humps and points, deep diving Crankbaits and Carolina Riggs will hit the bottom dwellers. If you fish the same lakes or rivers, now is a good time to find new fishing holes and find new water, also fishing new waters makes us better anglers.

Also, if you have a habit of fishing soft plastics all the time try a Crankbait. You might be surprised what other areas or baits catch fish. Remember your sunglasses; the sun will harm your eyes. Also sunglasses will help you see targets to fish.



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