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Winslow Council Member Dies in Crash


May 26, 2010 by wcobserver

Mother of  Two Arrested

By Susan McCarthy

 Winslow-A City Council Member and long-time business owner in Winslow was killed Sunday night in a motorcycle accident north of Winslow on Hwy 71.

Don Clark, 62, was travelling south on Hwy 71 just after 7 pm on May 23 when a 1977 GMC van driven by Grace Doss made a left turn in front of Clark’s motorcycle, causing him to crash into the passenger side of her van.  Clark was airlifted to Washington Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 8:36 pm.  Clark was wearing a helmet.

Doss, 21, and her two daughters, ages 1 and 2, were also transported by ambulance to Washington Regional and were treated and released.  Doss, of 1687 South US 71 in Winslow, was arrested by Arkansas State Police and charged with negligent homicide, failure to yield, no drivers license and no proof of insurance.  She is out of jail on a $1977.50 bond.

Negligent homicide is defined as negligently operating a vehicle while intoxicated and causing the death of another person.  Both Arkansas State Police and the Washington County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said the investigation is ongoing and declined to provide details about the charge at this time.  A spokesperson for Arkansas State Police said that in a case like this, the prosecuting attorney on-call is consulted before the charge is made. He said that while they could not release any further details, there was sufficient evidence to charge Doss.

Clark owned and operated Clark’s Motor Clinic in Winslow; it is the second longest operating business in Winslow according to city officials.  Clark has also served for nearly 30 years as a City Council Member; he was first elected in 1983 according to Winslow’s mayor, Randy Jarnagan.

“He will be just dreadfully missed for so many reasons.  Not only as a city council member, but as one of our locals, as a person who owned a mechanic shop,” said Mayor  Jarnagan.  “Some of us grew up with him working on our vehicles.”

“He always sat in a corner chair at the table.  He has been very consistent, he’s kept us stable over the years,” Mayor Jarnagan said of Clark’s service as a council member. 

Funeral services were held on Wednesday, May 26; his obituary appears on page two.



  1. Elizabeth says:

    Can someone please help me?
    I found out that my Uncle Danny Henson passed away 3 days ago he lived there in Winslow. Does anyone know what happened to him? I cant get anyone in the family to tell me anything. Thanks

  2. Michael says:

    Mrs. Doss was trying to seek medical help but there wasn’t anyone at the local fire department. Witness say the van started verring about 100 ft before the collission. It was a trgic accident but just think what condition we would be in if jesus thought like some of us instead of forgiving.

  3. Sue says:

    Given the opinions of both sides, as an outsider that is. She could have passed out at this point the only two people that truly know what happened that night are Don Clark and Mrs. Doss. Sure she shouldn’t have been driving, but can you honestly tell me you waited to drive till you had a license…
    Onto the subject about medical conditions, unless you are her Doctor, and know her medical condition it may have been Rotten Luck that she passed out near her driveway.
    So far I have not read or heard anything that could lead me to the conclusion that Mrs. Doss is a murderer, She didn’t deliberately set out that day with the thought in her head “Hey I’m going to murder someone today”.
    That being said in 8 months or so her slate will be cleaned.
    I only hope that everyone from both sides of this horrible situation can heal in their trying times..

  4. Anita says:

    The “whole” story is that Mrs. Doss was driving when she shouldn’t have been. She knew she had a medical condition that causes her to pass out: the reason she was not issued a driver’s license. She endangered the lives of her two children by getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, she endangered her own life and everyone on the streets she was driving. How convenient that she “blacked out” when she was making the turn into her own driveway. I believe she used that as an excuse and that she wasn’t really blacked out. She murdered my brother by using her vehicle. No license, no insurance, and failed to yield to another vehicle. Monday she received 8 months in jail. Arkansas has pitiful laws! Murder a decent man and get 8 months in jail? That’s the whole story. 06-22-11

  5. Mrs.Kennedy says:

    Mrs Doss wasn’t intoxicated at the time of the accident. She has a medical condition that causes her to pass out.. Also she has 2 children, but only one of them is a girl the oldest is a boy. The van was not a 77 either it was newer than that. I realize this accident took Don Clarks life, but that’s just it it was an accident.
    I’m not trying to say Mrs. Doss didn’t do anything wrong, I’m just saying before you judge what happened please get all the facts.. With articles like this one it’s clear that people are saying she is guilty before they know the whole story.

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