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Winslow:The jewel of Washington County


May 26, 2010 by wcobserver

 By Jean Collins

The Winslow Farmers’ Market is open for business, nine to noon on Saturdays in downtown Winslow at the train pavilion.  I hear that earlier is better than later to get the cream of the crop.  New vendors are welcome.  There is no charge for a space and there are very few regulations.  In fact, I only know of one regulation and that is actually more of a guideline, i.e., the fruit and vegetables should be home-grown.  And we hope folks will understand that it is a farmers’ market and not a yard sale. We pride ourselves on having no rules, no bylaws, no officers, no meetings, no dues, no fees; this lack of organization has worked beautifully for the last six years. There are lots of friendly people to visit with and the Mercantile across the street is open serving regular coffee, some designer brews, and doughnuts—all delicious. On the first Saturday of every month is recycling day and also the monthly bake sale to benefit the Winslow Public Library. So join us for an old-fashioned market and a chance to catch up on what’s happening in our little corner of the world.

I remember when we first started the Winslow Farmers’ Market several years ago.  It was slim pickin’s for the first couple of years but then Charlie Steelman started bringing in produce by the pick-up load, and other people soon got with the program. Later in the season we will have a wide assortment of vegetables, berries, and fruits, Right now we offer baked goods, canned goods, house plants,  chickens, eggs, yard tools and ornaments—pretty much the gamut. 

In downtown Winslow, there is a little jewel of a museum that is worth exploring. The Winslow Museum is dedicated to the fascinating history of this community.  There is no admission charge, and the folks who run the museum are enthusiastic and proud of what has been built in the space previously occupied by the Winslow Public Library. Barbara Ashbaugh, from Winslow, is dedicated to sharing the past and hearing Winslow’s story from other people.  Barbara said she would like to thank the many wonderful people who have brought in old treasures and the people who have stopped by to visit. You are cordially invited to stop in to view the exhibits and visit about Winslow’s history.

The Winslow spring planting is complete; we just finished it up on Thursday.  Baskets of flowers, compliments of our mayor, Randy Jarnigan, are hanging from the train pavilion in scenic downtown Winslow.  Mary Anderson, Jean Collins, and Jerilyn Nicholson have planted some beautiful annuals and perennials in the barrels, the Winslow tree, and the Winslow rock and the planter down at the ball park.  We hope you will like the variety; we’re proud of the flowers, and wish to give a special thanks to our mayor and the Winslow City Council for their continuing support of the Winslow Beautification project.   So come on down and join us at the square. 

Grandma’s House Café, about four miles up the road on Hwy 71 South, is open for breakfast and lunch Thursday – Sunday.  This is home-cooking at its very finest.  And Elaine’s pies are the best I’ve ever eaten; the peach cobbler and the coconut cream are scrumptious. Home-made biscuits and light bread, and corn bread –well, just come and discover for yourself.  Several of us have decided the hamburgers there are the best in the world.  It’s homey, family-friendly and serves delicious Southern cooking.

Just about a half mile down the road from Grandma’s is Ozark Folkways.  If you haven’t been there in a while, you ought to stop by and see the many changes taking place.  Check out the new art gallery and the new merchandise.  Ozark Folkways is definitely on its way to wonderful things. Like any new endeavor, we need volunteers.  Stop by and talk to our new director, Rebecca Buchanan, to hear about the exciting plans for the future and how you can be a part of making the dream come true.

Well, that was a very fast tour of our beautiful community.  We hope you will come to visit and experience the wonders of Winslow.  Come when you really want to get out of the fast lane, away from the crowds at the discount store, and into a peaceful, friendly community where we always have the time to pass the time with you.



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