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Greenland Mini-Mart


June 23, 2010 by wcobserver

Our crew at the Washington County Observer has to wear many hats; we all do a little bit of something that may not fall within a traditional “job description.” But this week, we’re embarking on a new mission — to eat our way through South Washington County this summer.  We’re going to try some places that maybe you didn’t know existed and let you in on all of the dining secrets that are hidden in our hills.  Our caloric journey began last week on Hwy 71 South in Greenland and our goal is to eat our way to Mountainburg.  Tough job, I know, but someone has to do it!

A Winning Lunch

Our city reporter, Delcie Kincaid, stopped by the office the other day with a delicious looking Frito Pie that sent us straight to the Greenland Mini Mart to check out their lunch menu.  Locals already know that they serve lunch, but if you haven’t been, it’s a good, fast and inexpensive lunch.   And, how many places can you buy lunch and a lottery ticket?

The Greenland Mini-Mart is a convenience store located on Hwy 71 South across from Greenland High School and is nestled between a carwash and laundry mat.  It’s family-owned and operated by Patti Assem and her family and lunch is served 11 am-2pm, Monday through Friday.

It’s a self-service format; you order at the register.  The menu has burgers, a chicken salad, Philly steak sandwich, chicken strips and of course the Frito Pie that drove us there in the first place.

We sampled the Frito Pie, Burger, Chicken Strips and Chicken Salad the day we were there.  Lunch is served on deli paper in red plastic baskets and there are six booths in the Mini Mart where you can eat.  Many of the other diners looked like they were using their lunch break to cool-off after working outside all morning.

“From the first bite, you knew this wasn’t a franchise, gut-bomb burger.  This is the real deal, a hand-pressed, fresh all beef burger served full tilt; you pick the condiments.  A burger, fry and drink is $5.49,” said Steve Winkler, whose many titles include Publisher.

“The chicken salad is a real salad.  You can opt for the healthy version with grilled chicken or get the fried chicken like I did.  It was delicious.  The ranch dressing was good to dip your fries  in,” says Brooke McNeely, who ate her lunch while snapping photos.  She wouldn’t let us even snitch a fry from our baskets until she’d gotten the photo she wanted.

“You will not leave this place hungry.  I tried the chicken strips and got two large pieces and they came with a pile of crinkle fries.  I LOVE crinkle fries. And the soda was syrupy, just the way I like it.  I’m only bummed that my lottery ticket was a loser and that Steve took home two bucks,” said Susan, who like Steve functions as the Publisher in her spare time.



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