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Truck Wash Raises Concerns


July 28, 2010 by wcobserver

Decision Coming August 5

By Nick DeMoss

Greenland – The Greenland Planning Commission decided Monday, July 19, that before plans to build Dave’s Truck Wash on Lillie Lane can move forward, owner Dave Seidel will have to provide a detailed site map to the city’s engineer.

Commissioners expressed several concerns about the viability of a truck wash in the residential commercial zone on Lillie Lane, including environmental issues, cost effectiveness and potential damage to the city’s infrastructure.

Brenda Reynolds told Seidel that after earlier conversations with engineer Ryan Gill, Gill said that increased semi truck traffic would potentially wear down the road more quickly, and an impact fee would likely need to be assessed to help the city offset the cost of repair caused by the truck wash.

Seidel noted that he had made requested changes to his site plan to help mitigate damage to the road, but he would meet with Gill to discuss further improvements.

Commissioners also inquired about the slope of the lot and how that would affect water runoff, though Seidel contended it was minimal.

City Council member Bill Groom, who will cast one of the definitive votes on the subject, was on hand to offer his advice as well, suggesting that Dave’s would be better suited in a C3 zone.

“I’ve already tried every piece of C3 land in the city,” Seidel said. “They don’t want to sell to me.”

The city council will provide the final say on the permit at their August 5 meeting. In the meantime, Seidel said he plans to draw a new, detailed site plan per the recommendations of the Planning Commission, and submit it to the city engineer.

After the meeting Seidel expressed his frustration at the process.

“I’m upset,” he said. “I’ve done everything they’ve asked me to do. All they’re trying to do is shut me down because I’m not a Cracker Barrel or a Lowes.”

Earlier in the meeting, Groom informed the council that the proposed lot is “prime real estate to get a good retail anchor in there such as a Cracker Barrel or a grocery store.” With a strong anchor on the property, Greenland would become a point of destination for outsiders, and the city would reap the taxes, Groom said.

“We’ve got to do what is best for the city, and what is best for the citizens of the city,” he said.



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