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Utilities for Maintaining Your PC


July 11, 2010 by wcobserver

By Wes Eckles Jr.

Do you wait months or years before doing maintenance of your car or truck, i.e. change the oil, rotate the tires, check the engine fluids, etc.? You better not if you want dependable transportation. Likewise, your PC requires regular  maintenance to stay in shape.

PC System Utilities Software will do the job for you. Here are some reasons you need to use these utilities:

1. You may not maintain your PC if you think it’s too hard or don’t know how to start.

2. The utilities are easy to use for beginners.

3. Utilities can be scheduled to automatically do regular maintenance.

4. Boost speed without adding new hardware.

5. Customizing Windows setting are easier.

6. Lessen the chance of  messing up your PC.

How do you select a good PC System Maintenance Utility?

1. Go on the internet and search for reviews of the utilities. How does the best compare to other selections? The one you select should be rated highly for ease of installation, setup and use. There should be adequate built in Help as well as on line internet help.  Like a medical doctor, the utility should do no harm to your computer. The program should create a restore point so the PC can be reset if something undesirable happens. I will deal with restoring your PC in future tips.

My Recommendation –

I recommend Advanced System Optimizer 3 for beginners and advanced users. This utility is rated First out of ten leading utilities by the TopTen Reviews. A complete review can be found on the internet at . Click on tab Software, Utilities, and PC System Utilities as they appear. The best price listed is $29.95.

Wrap-up – In past Tips I have given recommendation for protecting your PC from attacks from malware:

1. Two way firewalls in Vista and Windows 7 fire wall control.

2. Free anti-malware utilities: Tools’ Threatfire,

Avira Anti-virus Personal for advanced users, Avast Free Anti-virus 5 for all users.

3. Paid anti-malware utilities: G-Data Antivirus 2010 ($25) for advanced users and Symatec Norton Anti-virus 2020 ($40) for beginners.

4. Application updates by installing free Secunia Personal Software.

5. Obtaining a complete inventory of hardware & software on your PC: Belarc Advisor.

6. Microsoft’s free Fixitcenter utility.

This weeks Tips will keep your computer maintained. We can now go to other topics that will help you get the most out of using your PC.

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Column written by Wes Eckles, Jr., President of the NWA Personal Computer User Group that meets monthly at the Jones Center at 1 p.m. every third Saturday  Call 839-2388 for information about the group or go to (no www. in front).



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