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Clark Family Exhibits Classic Memory


September 2, 2010 by wcobserver

By Steve Winkler

A new exhibit was accepted by the Winslow City Museum at a ceremony prior to the Monday night’s council meeting.

A 1967 Triumph motorcycle was loaned to the museum by the Clark family. The motorcycle was owned by the late Don Clark, lifelong resident, city council member, businessman, and community leader. Clark bought the motorcycle after his discharge from the Air Force and kept it at his auto shop for over 30 years. It was restored by Denny Luke.

The July minutes and financial statements were approved. Mayor Jarnagan reported that the Fourth of July fireworks and other activities went well.

Winfest is scheduled for Sept. 19 which is the same weekend as West Fork’s West Fest event. The Assembly of God church will sponsor the Labor Day Picnic in the ball park on Sept. 6.

The mayor reported that maintenance by the State Highway Department on Hwy 74 will “hopefully” happen in August according to a department engineer.

Council member Marsha Cooley hoped they would also repair the sign at Blackburn. Jarnagan said Mike Patrick reported to him that the relay antenna for the water tower will cost in the range of $25,000. Work is progressing on cleaning the school building.

Several items of new business come before the council. The 12 year-old computer at city hall is, according to Barbara Ashbaugh, “making noises when it didn’t used to.” The mayor said he would get a new one.

Ruby Jo Bellis looks at the newly renovated 1960’s Triumph motorcycle the Clark family loaned to the Winslow Museum in memory of long time council member Don Clark. Bellis is a long time friend of Clark and came to show her support for the family.

Another issue of concern was the ball field. Jarnagan said some people are bypassing the gates, parking on the tennis courts and driving on the ball field. There was also a brush fire recently near “slickers” when no one was present. At other times 30-40 people are in the area.  Jarangan said there will be increased patrols.

The council declined to pay $644 to the Planning Office for an aerial map of the city. Payment was approved for $5,176 for Workman’s Compensation.  Meeting adjourned.

Present were Mayor Randy Jarnagan, Recorder/treasurer Mary Bromley, Council members Barbara Ashbaugh, Marsha Cooley, Velma Duncan, Leta McGuire and Diane Rickman.



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