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Okay, Who’s Guilty?


October 24, 2010 by wcobserver

By Milton Jones

“Why does health insurance have to cost so much?” the customer wails, and “why doesn’t it cover more things?”  Being the smart aleck that I am, I sometimes smile and reply “well no policy is perfect… what we would all like is one that would cover everything and only cost $20 monthly.   I’m still looking for a company that sells these perfect policies, and when I find it here’s the deal….I get the first one and you can have the second.”

Well, while we’re dreaming why not free instead of costing $20?  I suppose the answer is you need to pay something to keep from feeling guilty.   Nobody wants to feel guilty, but who’s to blame for the (way) high cost of health insurance?   “Not me! …not me!”  my kids used to say.  “Well don’t look at us” the insurance companies say.

The truth is we’re all guilty, except maybe you and me (and I’m not so sure about you either).  Expectations are too high with health care and health insurance.   And we look the other way while a little cheating is going on.   It’s like driving over the speed limit…most everybody does it.  Serious charges, you say!  To borrow a famous movie line “I’m shocked; shocked to hear there is cheating going on in here!”

A few years back one of my daughters related that her doctor’s office wanted to charge an extra visit to her insurance to cover her deductible.   So who cares, was the attitude.  “Well I care” she responded.   I was proud of her.  And how about the extra test your doctor wants to run when you know it’s a waste. He does it because he’s afraid you’ll sue him.

Another example is Medicare.   Every doctor says that Medicare doesn’t pay him enough.  He’s right about that, too, so he encourages an extra visit or two to make up.  And how about the TV commercials from the people who want to help you get that motorized wheel chair that you might need.

Then there’s the 20 something who smugly says that he’s in great shape and doesn’t need health insurance….yet.   Hillary had one thing right when she said “you 20-something’s think you’re immortal, and you wind up in the ER and stick everyone else with the bill.”

The insurance company is sometimes guilty because they cave in to pressure and pay the fraudulent claim to keep from being sued.

Finally (and this is the one I really love to hate) how about the Law firm advertising that if you took the drug Delusia you may be entitled to compensation, so call right away.  When are we going to stop the class-action vultures that seem to always be circling overhead?

No doubt you could add to the above partial list.  Your health insurance is expensive because the health care we demand is expensive.   And lots of costs are shifted to cover the un-insured.

Well, not to worry.  Mr. Obama says Health Reform is going to “cut out all that waste and fraud.”   Yeah, and maybe you’ll believe there will be enough policemen to catch every driver who’s speeding, tail-gaiting, and running red lights.

Milton Jones is an Independent Insurance Advisor with experience dating back to 1965.   He holds the professional designations of CLU, ChFC, and LUTCF.


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  1. Donna Bisby says:

    It’s not just the 20-something young adults that are going without insurance. There are lots of people out there that will go without insurance when they can afford it that leave the insured to pay for their unpaid medical bills.

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