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Winslow Approves Budget, Readies for Winter


November 23, 2010 by wcobserver

By Annie McCormick


Winslow- The meeting was called to order; Mary Bromley read minutes from last meeting.  Motions to accept Minutes and Financial Statement were passed unanimously.Jerry Kidder submitted four examples of artwork for the December 11 Christmas Parade banner.  A cartoon squirrel will be the highlight of the banner and t-shirts.  There was discussion as to why the squirrel’s eyes were blue.  The Committee decided on a generic “Christmas Parade” for the message on the banner which will enable it to be used for multiple years and be more cost effective.  A motion to purchase the banner for a price under $200 passed unanimously.  It will be placed at the Pavilion.

Council members discussed the planter beds in Peek Park and the situation with Fayetteville Animal Control.

Velma Duncan asked if Winslow roads will be plowed if the snow is heavy this year.  Mayor Jarnagan replied that people do not like the snow being plowed into their yards.  If one street got plowed the city would have to plow all of the streets to be fair.  This idea has been discussed in previous years.  Mayor Jarnagan also said that

“We’ve done okay for over 100 years…;” however, he would like to see Main Street and School Street plowed.  He also said that if the city does it one year it would have to do it every year and the cost would come from the Streets Fund.  A plower would have to be bonded, insured and have workers’ compensation.

Barbara Ashbaugh proposed that fellow worker Lois Donaldson be paid a month’s salary.  Lois was in an auto accident and is unable to work.  The motion passed.

The committee reviewed and voted on 2011 water rates and budget. The proposed budget was approved.

There was a discussion of this year’s Christmas light contest.  For the past few years there have only been a few homes that enter the contest.  The lack of participation could be due to the electricity expense.  An announcement will be placed in Within Winslow and the Observer to see how many people want to participate.  The contest will continue if there are six or more entrants.

The topic of parade floats was raised.  Barbara Ashbaugh reported that on one occasion the 4H float got rained on and was ruined.  Mayor Jarnagan said that on another occasion a person was so cold that he had icicles hanging from his face.  Most likely there will not be floats this year.

Members present: Mayor Randy Jarnagan, Clerk Mary Bromley, Barbara Ashbaugh, Velma Duncan, Marsha Cooley, Diane Rickman, Leta McGuire.  The next meeting will be December 13.




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