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Industrious Day For RRC


January 28, 2011 by wcobserver

Staff Report

West Fork- Maybe it was because the center had been closed for the past two holiday weekends or possibly it was New Year’s resolutions by citizens that caused the constant stream of cars to flow into the entrance of the West Fork Renewable Resource Center.

Either way, volunteers were kept hopping assisting patrons in unloading and sorting their recyclables.  The ten bin trailer quickly filled up and a few of the youngest volunteers got in the cardboard trailer to smash down the contents and make room for more.

Paul Libor, who manages the center, said that he had never seen it so busy or seen so much recyclable material.  He vowed to never close for two Saturdays in a row again.  Soon the cardboard trailer and the plastics trailer filled up and volunteers were forced to fill any sturdy box or bin available and carry the boxes into the center’s pole barn.  Some patrons stayed and helped out for awhile and the mood at the center was festive and upbeat.  Our hard working volunteers were Warner Fields, Denver Squires, Sophia and Max Stephenson, Susan and Tyler Cooney, Pete Braker, Jane Bryant and Carolyn Griffith.

The kids had an especially good time!  There is something very satisfying about seeing huge amounts of paper, bottles, cans and cardboard sorted and destined to be turned into something useful.   In 2010 the citizens of West Fork recycled 56.9 tons of materials.

That included 90,040 pounds of mixed items and 23,760 pounds of cardboard.  Think about that the next time you are wheeling your trash to the street!  For more information about recycling in West Fork, or to volunteer to help out on a Saturday morning, please contact Patty Baker at 200-6072.



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