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Polish Poker and Camel Rides


January 6, 2011 by wcobserver

By Ruby Sullivan

Just one more day to wait to open all those packages under the tree. I’ll bet some of you already know what is in some of them. I would tell you what I used to do, but I don’t want to give anyone ideas, anyway, Hallis got wise to me, so I had to quit.

Have you been to see The Lights of The Ozarks? You should go. I went last Friday evening with my friends, Norma and Billie Burns. We drove around the square, finally found a parking space, and got out of the car. The temperature was just right. Then we walked, and I rode the camel, the white one. I didn’t have to hang on as tightly as I did the first time I rode. I tried to talk the man into going all way around the square, He wouldn’t, but he did give me a little longer ride. If you haven’t, go ride the camel under the lights; be adventurous. When we got back to West Fork, we drove all around town looking at the decorations. Some of the homes are out of this world. It was a perfect evening.

It was also a good week at the center. There were two tables of pinochle players and a table of poker players. It’s not really poker like you are used to playing. It is called Polish Poker, and I don’t know how or why it is named that, but it is fun. Wednesday, we had a long table full of Bingo players and guess what… I won the grand prize, a free lunch at McCalisters Deli in Fayetteville. There were just a handful of quilters Thursday; it looked like they were having a good time sewing and talking. It was a really good week.

I am sorry to say that Bonnie Steffus told me she might resign as Center Director after the first of the year. We need somebody to step up and take over; otherwise, we won’t be meeting at the Center. I surely would hate that. I’ve been enjoying myself. Anybody come to the Center and talk to Bonnie.

A little cheer for someone near.

A little love for someone dear.

Best wishes for the coming new year.



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