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Wrapping Up Christmas


January 5, 2011 by wcobserver

By Rosilee Mugley

Hello everyone:   My personal thanks to each and everyone who helped supply blankets, sweaters, socks, etc. for our bags for Hillcrest Towers.  I especially thank Diana Strange.  Diana and her daughter had begun filling bags with lap blankets, socks, a tree ornament, a Santa hat and/or stocking when Diana became ill and was rushed to the hospital.  She is doing fine after an emergency appendectomy.  God bless her.  She’s recovering from surgery and yet took the time to call me to ask if I could use the ten bags she’d prepared for our mission.  Of course we could and did use them.  Thanks so much Diana and our prayers for a quick recovery.

Another of our residents, Wildene Caudle was in the emergency room all Thursday evening with a gall stone attack.  She will be having surgery soon.  Wildene, get well.  We miss you at the church organ.

John’s sister, Lenora Warren, has begun eating some and doing okay at this time.  As she said, God still has something for her to accomplish and when the job is finished, He will take her home.  I thank God for her wonderful, un-selfish, loving attitude.

Michelle Duggin, Earl and Eddie Vick, and John and I attended the VFW Christmas party on the Dec.14.  The meal was wonderful and the place was packed.  As Earnest Gunem stated, “They say there’s always room for one more but I don’t think so tonight!”  Laura Wiles presented Michelle, Eddie and I a token of appreciation for judging the contest.  She couldn’t believe it when we told her what she had given us was just what each of us collected.  Michelle received a snowman, Eddie a Santa Clause and I was given a small nativity set.  Each of us also received a beautiful Christmas pin.

We’ve spent most of the week after school at church sorting and wrapping gifts but the children and I have really enjoyed it.  The children want to collect sweaters and lap blankets again next year but then asked me if we could possibly start earlier with collecting and wrapping!  The older youth group has spent the last month making and filling up bottles of all sizes of homemade laundry soap for all of our one hundred and twenty people!  Thanks, Campfire Group.  You are much appreciated!

If you didn’t make it to the community center to make an ornament – you missed a great fun-packed time.  Some of the youth and I went to make ornaments and within a couple of hours all those who attended had made over 60 ornaments to go on the city Christmas tree.  Paul Libor had a table full of different ways to cut up 2-liter bottles, cardboard cut into stars and bells, and many other recycled items.  He’d brought his drill and drilled holes into anything we needed like my three bottle caps I put together as a snowman.  Even the atmosphere was Christmas…filled with Christmas music playing, hot chocolate with marshmallows, two delicious kinds of cookies, and candy canes.  Plus, we all got to wear an Elf hat with a bell.  We wore our hats when we went to the tree trimming the next evening.  All the children signed up for a chance at winning the Christmas bear.  Gabby Potterton won the bear.  She is one very happy 13 year old.  Thanks everyone who helped put this fun activity together.   Hopefully the Observer, Resource Center and the Parks Department will hold another ‘build an ornament’ day next Christmas.

Until then: Merry Christmas and God bless you all.  Please, keep the Christ in your Christmas this year.



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