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A Bridge Into The Past


February 10, 2011 by wcobserver

Tim V Scott

Yes it is cold, but spring will be here soon.   During these brief three months, Devil’s Den prepares for the next nine.  With Spring Break, the tourist season kicks off, and it really does not end until Thanksgiving.  Since trails are one of our most popular facilities.  It is very important to get them in a presentable condition by March.  This year we had two trail projects.

Whenever possible we like our trail projects to match the existing works of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC).  From 1933 to 1942, the CCC built Devil’s Den State Park.  In fact, without the CCC we would not have the Arkansas State Park system we have today.   While the conditions in the country at that time were not ideal, the end results are places like Devil’s Den State Park, Petit Jean Mountain State Park and Crowley Ridge State Park.

The first project was on the Devil’s Den Trail.  Rock steps replaced work that was completed in the 1970’s. Rock is more in style with the works of the 1930’s.  The sandstone steps blends in with the environment which makes them appear as if they occurred naturally.    Actually, having the built features mimic the landscape was the philosophy of the CCC.

While we are always pleased to have trail projects at the park, we were particular excited about this one, a new bridge on the Yellow Rock Trail.  Instead of using dimensional lumber like the bridge that was replaced, this project used rough cut lumber and logs.  It was to be a replica of the CCC’s bridge that was built @1936 on that trail.   The new bridge is a striking resemblance to the original.  Progressive Trail Design a local company that specializes in trail work and CCC style of construction completed both projects.

So, if you come out this weekend or when it warms up, be sure to hike both trail and check-out the finished products.



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