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Clarks Motor Clinic Reopens


February 10, 2011 by wcobserver

By Susan McCarthy

WINSLOW- Clarks Motor Clinic reopened in mid December after it had been closed seven months following the death of its owner, Don Clark.

Brecken Clark, 29, one of Clark’s sons reopened the shop that he says has been a large part of his life.

“Our childhood was this place right here.  It’s pretty neat to do something that came from your childhood.  Not many people get to do that,” said Clark who has worked with his Dad throughout his life.

“I’ve done nothing but vehicles.”

Clark said the garage will still offer most of the same mechanic services it did when his father ran the shop.  He joked that the list of “not offered” services is easier to name; that list includes air conditioning, front-end alignments and computer diagnostics.  Clark said that his “old man’s” shop offered computer diagnostics, but the machinery was sold after his death.

“This place…it was all him.  He took charge and ran everything.  When he passed, it all stopped,” he said.

Clark said his brother Kimberlon Clark, a teacher in Mountainburg, has spent a lot of time at the garage helping his brother reopen the business.  He said they have found solace in one another as they’ve worked.

“He’s down here coping just like I am and it’s nice to be able to do it together,” said Clark.

Clark said he is committed to providing the same quality of service that is tradition at the garage.

“The knowledge that man had was unbelievable,” said Clark about his father.  “He was the best.  If I am a quarter of that, then I’m a little better than most people.”

Clark said Clarks Motor Clinic will be open 8 a.m. – 5p.m. weekdays and offer a 24-hour call service.  For now, Clark is a one man show.  He’s fixing vehicles, sending out letters to former customers, and doing the record keeping.

“I’ve got to put shoes on to even step into his shoes…they are humongous,” said Clark about running the shop without his “old man.”



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