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“The Lucky One” by Nicholas Sparks


March 6, 2011 by wcobserver

By Kelly Gass

Logan Thibault (pronounced “T-bow”) is an ex-marine who survived three tours of duty in Iraq.  While in Iraq he finds a laminated picture of a young woman half buried in the dirt.  He posts the picture in a common area at the base, hoping that the soldier who lost it will claim it.  After it becomes obvious that no one is going to claim the picture Logan carries it in his pocket.

While in Iraq, Logan survives several onslaughts by enemy forces.  Unfortunately, he loses several buddies in these attacks.  In fact, word gets around that he is a lucky one, but anyone who gets too close to him ends up getting killed.

His best friend, Victor, who survives Iraq with him, tries to convince Logan that the girl’s picture protects him, something akin to a lucky charm.  Logan doesn’t believe this, but continues to carry the picture anyway, seemingly unable to put the girl out of his mind.

Eventually, Victor does convince Logan to go and search for the girl in the picture – Logan starting to believe that the girl may hold the key to his destiny.

Logan and his German Shepherd Zeus leave their home in Colorado and start off walking across country ending up in North Carolina.  Of course Logan eventually finds the woman, whose name is Elizabeth.  When Logan meets Elizabeth she is single, but has a young son by her ex-husband.  Logan, Elizabeth, and her son all hit it off.  However,

Logan holds back from telling Elizabeth about the picture and lets her believe that theirs is simply a chance encounter.

Logan becomes romantically involved with Elizabeth but her ex-husband hates Logan.  The ex is in law enforcement and comes from a powerful -wealthy local family.  The ex is also a bully who has gotten his own way all his life.  He decides to get Logan out of his ex-wife’s life at any cost.

The book’s author, Nicholas Sparks, is a prolific writer.  He has written at least 17 novels, but there are at least three interesting tidbits that make this book special, compared to his other books.

Zeus the dog, was modeled after one of Spark’s own dogs.  Sparks had to do more research for this novel that any of his other novels.  Also, this was the first novel Sparks wrote in the limited third-person omniscient perspective.

This book is considerably weightier on romance than most of the books I typically read.  This is not surprising, as Spark’s has been referred to as a “writer of the heart.”   However, the author cleverly blends romance with great suspense and mystery, making it a page turner.  I believe this book would be equally enjoyed by both men and women.

The book is expected to be released as a film within a year or so, so why not pick up a copy and get a head start on the movie?



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    Thanks for the compliment C. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting quite a few more of my reviews in the near future.

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    This was very interesting to read!

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