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May 19, 2011 by wcobserver

By Alison Grisham

Another Mother’s Day has passed. But at least I’ll always have the memories of my boys trying to decapitate each other with the Wii remotes, my daughter telling a stranger that he was fat, and the joy that comes with dropping a large jar of spaghetti sauce on the floor, making the walls of my kitchen look like the inside of a spin art machine.

All this recent merrymaking prompted me to check the calendar for other holidays that are just around the corner. Memorial Day, Father’s Day and the Fourth of July are coming up… and I look forward to celebrating them. But then again, they all seem to have some kind of history behind them

But what about some of the less traditional “holidays?” I can abide by Arbor Day, Earth Day and even, Take your Daughter to work Day if I have to. But aren’t we pushing the redundancy envelope just a bit too far with… Grandparent’s Day? I mean, call me crazy. But it’s not like a person can be a grandparent without also being a mother or father, and haven’t we got those pretty well covered? It sounds like a classic case of double dipping to me.

Then there are the downright ridiculous days of celebration. Did you know that we celebrate National “Pi” Day in America? I could almost handle it if it were “pie” day, as in apple or rhubarb… but we actually have a day that celebrates an obscure form of math that gets used about as much as an the abacus or the slide rule. Most people I know have trouble balancing their checkbooks. How did “pi” rate a whole day?

And just who gets to assign these days anyway? The last time I checked there were still just 365 days in a year. But somehow America is celebrating scrapbooks on one of them. That’s right… May 6th was National Scrapbooking Day. But apparently a day wasn’t near enough… and honestly, if you went by the four and a half empty leather scrapbooks collecting dust on my shelf… you’d say a lifetime wasn’t near enough. But scrapbookers didn’t take the problem lying down. They must have had some pretty serious lobbyists going to bat for them… because May, it turns out, is now National Scrapbookers… month! I’m not sure where that leaves people who do cross stitch or decoupage… but a month seems a bit excessive for one small faction of the crafting world.

We have National Pharmacist Day, National Hat Day and National Popcorn Day. There’s Squirrel Appreciation Day, Thank a Mailman Day and even Ex-Spouse Day.

But my all time favorite day of observance in America isn’t any of these. My favorite day is celebrated every year on June 2…. and I’m not making this up… it’s National Bubba Day. It’s probably not very big on either of the coasts. But I can only imagine that it must be a huge hit here in the south. After all, as my father-in-law has always said, “every good southern family has a Bubba.” If you’re one of them, it’s you’re chance to shine. Ahhhh…. “National Bubba Day,”… just one more way America defines itself for the rest of the world.



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