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Former Gym Closer to Opening for Community Use


May 13, 2011 by wcobserver

Plans Underway to Raze Two Smaller Buildings

By Susan McCarthy

WINSLOW- The former school gymnasium in Winslow moved one step closer to reopening as a community building when Greenland School board members approved a bid that will repair drainage issues.

Wood’s Plumbing of Fayetteville will add a sump drain and do some grading and sidewalk work to redirect water around the gym’s foundation said Dr. Charles Cudney, Superintendent for Greenland School District.   Wood’s Plumbing bid of $8891 was approved by school board members. Work should begin within weeks according to Cudney.

Greenland school board members and city officials began discussing making repairs to the building last December.   In addition to the gym, the building contains a kitchen and large room with a stage.   Cudney said he envisions that the building could be able to be used by the community in a variety of ways including church league activities, peewee basketball, weddings and reunions.

Cudney said the drainage work will be the first of several projects that will be completed before the building would be able to be used again and hopes work will be done by summer’s end.  He said the City of Winslow will make some minor roof repairs this summer and then the city and school will share costs to repaint the building.

“We’re so appreciative that Greenland Schools is going to take care of the drainage issue,” said Winslow Mayor Randy Jarnagan.

Jarnagan said there are other consolidated school districts facing some of the same challenges about what to do with the vacant school buildings and said his primary interest is in keeping the buildings maintained.  He said that if state funding ever became available to do something with the buildings, he’d want to make sure the school is maintained well enough to get some of those funds.

The Winslow School District became a part of the Greenland School District in 2004 when the state legislature mandated schools with less than 350 students be consolidated with larger school districts.  The last high school graduating class graduated from Winslow in May, 2005 and the elementary school was closed after the 2006-2007 school year.

Cudney said his Winslow Facilities Committee also met recently and is making plans to raze the school’s former administration building and the narrow white building that used to house the art room.  He said a timeline would be set at a later date. The committee has also discussed holding an auction for furniture and equipment in September, according to Cudney.

“There is still a lot there that can’t be used on this campus,” said Cudney who added that the funds from the sale would be placed in an account for future maintenance or utilities.

Most of the former school’s buildings have remained closed since then with the exception of the high school’s main building. The City of Winslow leases the high school building from the Greenland School Distrect and it houses the Winslow Branch Library, a Friends of the​ Library bookstore and internet café.  Yoga classes are also held in the building.



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