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Editorial: Harris (R) Thankful for Welfare Programs


June 19, 2011 by wcobserver

West Fork got noticed by the state’s largest internet news organization, The Arkansas Times, last week in a post pointing to Justin and Marsha Harris’ marquee in front of their Growing God’s Kingdom Preschool on North Centennial in West Fork. The message: “WE GIVE PRAISE TO GOD FOR PROVIDING ABC SUMMER FUNDING.” The ABC refers to Arkansas Better Chance, a state program for needy kids funded by federal and state tax dollars. We applaud this tax-supported program that also provides financial resources to help programs for teacher professional development.

And we certainly encourage giving praise to God from whom all blessings flow, even if He sometimes works in mysterious ways. In the case of the Arkansas Better Chance preschool program the funding resulted from appropriations from the Democrat-controlled Arkansas legislature. Some of the $71 million in the program’s coffers came from the legislature’s 2005 re-approval of a three-percent excise tax on beer which amounts to about 18 cents per six-pack. The tax is expected to generate about $9 million a year for Arkansas Better Chance.

Praising God is always a good thing to do, but partisan warrior Justin Harris (Rep. District 87) might at least give just a little credit to the Democrats and beer-drinkers in the state.




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