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June 5, 2011 by wcobserver

This time of year soft jerkbaits can really be hot, and pay off really well. Saturday we went to Prairie Grove Llake and threw the fluke- and wacky-style worms catching a couple dozen bass up to four pounds. Bream fishing is excellent, if you can find stained to clear water with crickets. At Beaver Lake, Sam at Southtown said flukes are working well with top-waters producing early and late in the day. Swim-baits are also working well, or anything that can imitate a live fish. Spinner-baits have been working really well, but now the floodgates are open and messing everything up. If you find pretty good, normal-looking water, crappie are still really doing well on minnows.

My strengths right now are jerkbaits; there are many styles. The most popular is probably the wacky worm. A wacky worm is a regular worm with a hook run through the middle. Most people prefer a 2/0 hook, but I prefer a 3/0 porko, which has a wire weed guard. In this style of fishing there is no weight used. You will normally use this bait when the lake has had a lot of fishing pressure, or after a cold front.

I use 15-pound trilene line, and spinning gear also. I like zoom trick worms in watermelon color and bubble gum color. This is an excellent spring-time bait. I throw it out and let it sink, give it a few twitches, then let it sink again. Another soft jerkbait, my favorite, is the fluke. If you have ever talked to me or my dad you have heard about the fluke. Because of the short stubby body it is very easy to throw with a bait casting real and light line. This bait can be thrown on very windy days with little or no problem. This bait can also be fished almost anywhere. I use a 3/0 or 4/0 wide gap hook, and Texas-rig the bait weightless. This bait has a trough built into the bottom of the bait so that it can be fished weedless. Since the hook is all the way through the bait this will help get a great hook set. I like 15-pound line with this bait. It has a very erratic action and you will understand why the fish hit it. You want to fish this in a manner that looks like an injured bait fish. Another soft jerkbait is the floating worm. This is very light weight, you will have to use a spinning rod with 8- or 10-pound line. I rig this bait Texas-rigged with a 2/0 hook. With no weight, I also like bubble gum color so I can see it. I fish this bait pretty fast with a stop-and-go retrieve. Try some of these techniques and I promise you will catch bigger and better fish.

Remember only keep what you can use and throw the rest back! CPR: catch, picture, release.

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