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Law Enforcement Pitched to Winslow


July 24, 2011 by wcobserver

New Bridge Slated for Completion by WinFest

By Annie McCormick

WINSLOW – A former law enforcement officer pitched his services to the Winslow City Council in their regularly scheduled meeting and plans are well underway to restore the bridge at the Winslow Ball Park that was destroyed in spring flooding.

Appearing before the council July 11, Bobby Beene, a former law enforcement officer, offered to serve as the city’s Marshall at no charge. He said he would be willing to work 30 to 40 hours per week without pay for approximately two years. Mr. Beene stated that he needed to do this in order to reenter law enforcement. His patrol would be within the Winslow city limits and he would have the same authority as a Sheriff including arrests and writing traffic tickets. The council members had lots of questions, such as how he could do this without pay and where the tickets would be paid. Since Winslow has no court they would have to go to West Fork. After listening to his presentation, Jarnagan thanked him and said that he and the council would take it under consideration as there were many issues to be studied. The Mayor stated to the Council that Winslow is “happy with what we have.”

Jarnagan reported that the Fourth of July picnic went very well. He said he received many compliments on the event and on the fireworks. When a citizen asked about the money being spent the Mayor said that since there weren’t any events with the school anymore, the Christmas and the Fourth celebration were Winslow’s community celebrations. Marsha Cooley suggested that all the local churches get together to organize a large event. Jarnagan also said that a great job was done on cleanup and commended Maggie Hoyt for the job she did repainting the tennis court lines.

The mayor said bids are in on the ballpark’s bridge rebuilding. Out of four requests, one was returned by JMS Welding. The cost will be just under $36,000. He said the FEMA representative was very impressed with the city’s presentation and particularly complimentary about Renee Banks. There is FEMA money to pay for the bridge replacement, including “mitigation” funds which will allow for improvements.

The new bridges will be raised an additional two feet and have pier supports and a 30’ ramp on both sides, Jarnagan said. Adding the ramp will make the bridge wheelchair accessible. Jarnagan said he is requesting a timeline and bids for the original plan and for mitigation. He hopes to have the bridges completed by Winfest September 17, and the FEMA funds by January 1, 2012.

The City of Winslow has undergone a state audit but the results are not in yet. The auditor said that the city government has “done nothing wrong” but some procedures need updated. The Mayor complimented his staff for their hard work during the audit.



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