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Look​ for the Comfort Zone​


July 16, 2011 by wcobserver

Here in Northwest Arkansas water temperatures are in the low to mid 80’s. Beaver lake is at 1128 feet. With hot temperatures plenty of drinks and ice are a must. Start out early drinking lots of water to hydrate yourself for the upcoming day. In the early mornings there has been a short lived top-water bite. We have been switching over to deeper baits pretty early in the morning due to the heat. We have been doing well on Carolina rigged and Texas rigged 8 and 10 inch power-worms on points and drop offs. When the bite gets tough we have been switching to baby brush hogs. We also took a few on DD 22’s. At night single blade spinner-baits, and buzz-baits in black color work well.

The bass this time of year are really relating to the thermocline. Simply put, the thermocline is a thin layer of water in a lake that is sandwiched between the upper layer of water, and the lower colder layer of water. During the summer months the surface layer is heated up by the sun, and the surface temp will reach 80 degrees or more. This floats over a layer of colder, denser water called the hypolimnion. Between these two layers you have a thin layer in which the water temp drops fairly substantially. This will be the thermocline. In full-blown summer, you will have three distinct water temperature changes, 0-12 foot, 12-22 foot, 22-45 foot. The temperature may drop by 10 degrees at each depth. Bass will be found in greater concentrations within the thermocline for two reasons: First, the upper layer has too much light penetration to be comfortable for the bass, and the hypolimnion is usually void of oxygen. This leaves the thermocline where the light is just right and the oxygen is comfortable for the bass. Remember bass can see ultraviolet rays, and do not have eyelids. Their pupils do not adjust as humans do.

Remember to wear your life jackets! Do not mix alcohol and boating!



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