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July 26, 2011 by wcobserver

Booming Number of Pets End Up in Wrong Hands

Pet overpopulation and pet-owner responsibility are a never-ending social disconnect we have here in this country. And even with aall the rescue organizations and internet connections, the problem just seems to get worse instead of better. A large number of so-called rescue organizations are, in effect, animal hoarders. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few good ones. Pug Rescue of Northwest Arkansas is the best-run rescue organization I have ever known. So, if you’re looking to adopt, please consider a pug from Pug Rescue. They will even take them back if you decide the animal is not right for your situation. I’ve known them to take back pets that adopters have had for years. You can contact them at

At any rate, if you plan to adopt a pet from any rescue organization, be sure to check their references first. And if they won’t let you come to their facility to pick out your pet, then shun them like the plague. Adopting a pet from one of the hoarder organizations only fuels their addiction.

If you decide to adopt a pet from an official Animal Shelter, do this with caution. If you have other pets in the household, you need to quarantine the new adoptee for 30 days. This means no social or physical contact between animals. Otherwise, you may end up having to take your other pets to the vet from a contagious disease.

Another topic associated with responsible pet ownership and overpopulation is that of permanent identification. Tattoos and Microchips are considered permanent. Collars and dog tags are not. In some states it is a law that all pets be permanently identified. That is not the case in Arkansas. I think if it were, some people would not get it done so they couldn’t be tracked down if the pet is picked up. Oh, and the “Mark of the Beast” is the other reason. It has something to do with The Bible but I personally don’t see the connection to pets.

If your pet is missing, call all the shelters in the area to see if they’ve been picked up. You can also put up fliers like so many people do. I see them in the boondocks all the time. You can also send fliers to all the vet clinics in the area. I get them all the time. You can even post them on the internet. And if you get really desperate to find your missing pet, you need to contact this newspaper as it offers for free, to publish a pet lost-and-found notice. This can be done by email:

Let’s get this thing under control. There are too many companion animals — dogs, cats and horses — suffering out there.



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