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Where Are My Keys?


July 28, 2011 by Annie McCormick

Where are my glasses? Where is my purse? I ask myself these questions almost every day. Somehow I put things in a very safe place that I can’t remember the next day. I’ve always been a little scattered and unorganized but lately my mind goes blank about the whereabouts of my possessions. I’ve heard this called ‘senior moments’, but I’m about 10 years away from officially being a ‘senior.’ I don’t get the discounts yet so how can I have senior moments? I expected it all to go south on October 7, 2020 but my mind is being an overachiever.

I try to be organized. I have a purse that I can load about 20 pounds of stuff in. Nowadays, since my back and neck give me problems, I have an auxiliary purse in the form of a big cloth recyclable shopping bag. It made my purse much lighter. I thought I was being clever, dividing my stuff into things-I-always-need and things-I-need-sometimes. It didn’t work. I switch stuff from bag to bag and can’t find what I’m looking for. My purse is just as heavy and I still can‘t find anything.

I also keep lots of note pads and date books to keep organized. Too many, it seems. I’ll write important dates on one and not the others. One book is supposed to travel with me and remind me of important dates. I’ll write notes on the home calendar but not my travel book. I miss a lot of doctor’s appointments. The note pads are the same way. I’ll write something important on a post-it instead of an actual notebook. The post-it becomes a crinkly mess and ends up getting posted all over the stuff in my purse.

I do have an actual filing cabinet in my home. I even have folders with labels. One has my name on it. About once a year I pull out the folder with my name on it and sort through the year’s worth of stuff-I’ll-file-later, then I file it in the labeled folders. I usually have to go to the file-later folder about once a month to find something I need. A smart person would take the time to file it where it belongs. Once. After all, I did spend a lot of time making up labels for those folders.
The odd part of my system is that when I’m at a real job, my desk is always neat as a pin. I can go to any document in a few seconds. My desk calendar was up to date and precise. There wasn’t anything on my desktop unless I was working on it. Everything in the desk is sorted; I didn’t even mix large paperclips with the small. Maybe its because I was getting paid. I don’t know.

It’s not like I don’t want to be organized, I just don’t keep up with the clutter at home. A friend gave me a bumper sticker which I put on my desk at work. It said, “A Clean Desk is the Sign of a Sick Mind.” I guess that says it all.



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