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Cabin Fever in the Summer?


August 11, 2011 by Annie McCormick

​Been feeling a little depressed lately? I have been and now I know why. I have cabin fever. It sounded crazy to me: cabin fever happens in winter. Doesn’t it? Well, this year’s heat wave tells me that it happens in summer, too.

​The heat keeps me indoors. I have plenty to do in my house but I long for outside. Some days I don’t even want to walk to my car. The car is hot until the A/C kicks in then I have to get out of it eventually. Then I’m in the heat again. Yard sales are out. Everything you pick up burns you and some stuff gets ruined by the sun. I’d love to be working in my flower garden but I can’t take the heat, it literally makes me sick. I water enough to keep things alive but their suffering is evident. In between watering, every plant wilts. I’ve lost a few things and the rest are just sad looking.​

For some reason a type of spider has made nests all over the yard. I haven’t noticed them until this year. The wasps have taken over the birdbath and the birds have headed for the woods. There are hummingbirds but I need to keep their feeder full, which is hard when the ants use it as a water source. I found that pouring Skin-so-Soft on the pole that holds the feeder will keep them away. Japanese beetles must like the heat because they are feeding on everything. A bug that looks like a golden ladybug is devastating my morning glories. This bug is in fact a Milkweed Tortoise beetle. I found out that they also like raspberries and sweet potato plants. I was able to get rid of them with a spray of diluted Dawn detergent. We decided against a vegetable garden this year out of laziness and were counting on the Farmers’ Markets for our fresh produce. The farmers have had it really rough this year and there’s not much available.

With all my whining you wouldn’t believe that I spent 40 summers in Phoenix. I just got used to not being able to grow anything in the summer. Iin fact, I once cried when the pumpkins I planted wilted and died no matter how much I watered. Summer heat in Phoenix is five miserable months long and I got spoiled living here with four nice seasons.

​I survive this heat wave by being thankful. For one, I’m not in Phoenix anymore. Two, this heat wave is unusual this year and next year may be the most pleasant ever. Three, rain will come. I just need to wait it out and hope for a nice autumn.​



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