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Some Water Warm, Some Cool


August 11, 2011 by wcobserver

Well this last week I haven’t been having a “Debt Crisis,” but I have been having a crisis trying not to pass out while I am fishing. Water surface temps are around 85 degrees. Beaver Lake’s water level is at 1,125 feet and falling. They are releasing a lot of water for hydroelectric power on account of the high temperatures. So below Beaver, around Holiday Island on Table Rock, fishing is excellent. Cooler moving water there means faster baits can be used. Spinner-baits and buzz-baits early, and Carolina-rigged ring fries later in the day.

On Beaver we are using electronics to find schools of fish, mainly on deep humps and points. We are using Carolina-rigged with a three-foot leader and a ¾-ounce weight. Our best bait has been the new Berkley Havoc, (bottom hopper) it’s a cool new worm with lots of action. When bass are suspending, DD 22 crank bait and small swim bait have been decent. On smaller lakes, Texas-rigged worms are doing fair. Remember don’t mix alcohol and boating, and always wear your lifejacket! Remember CPR: catch, picture, release.​



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