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Sunset Fire Discusses New Station and New Equipment


August 6, 2011 by wcobserver

Photo by Rita M. Wuttke - A member of the Sunset Fire Department shows community members a new oxygen mask for pets at their annual meeting on July 23.

By Rita Wuttke

WINSLOW – It was my privilege this evening to once again attend the annual membership meeting at the Sunset Fire Dept. As a resident of the Hazel Valley area of Winslow I am thankful for the hard work and dedication our local volunteers do for us. These service people put in many hours of training to be ready when the call comes. Hours and hours of maintaining vehicles and equipment to be prepared at any time of the day or night,or in any weather condition. They serve not only the Sunset area of Winslow but assist other local fire departments such as Whitehouse F.D. and Boston Mountain F.D.

Sunset had its annual meeting on July 23 Saturday at the Sunset Fire Dept. Members and neighbors gathered for a wonderful pot luck dinner with some excellent homemade dishes. There are currently 118 residential members of the Sunset F.D.

Rickey L. Shepherd, current Fire Chief, has done a lot for the department since he has served as chief. We are thankful for his dedication to our station. Sunset has advanced in the area of emergency equipment and vehicles.

Sunset F.D. was founded in 1984 and currently has nine volunteers. One of them, young Mr. Logan Hattabaugh of the Hazel Valley area is currently in EMT training. We certainly will be glad to know we have another well trained volunteer to help in time of need.

Sunset F.D. is also in the middle of acquiring and working on a new sub-station on Hazel Valley Road. Already two vehicles have been acquired for the new station. Plans for a building and benefits to raise funds for the building will be coming soon. Chief Shepherd informed us of an interesting new piece of equipment on board,PET rescue equipment. Air masks in various sizes for household pets to receive oxygen therapy for emergencies at house fires, or other disasters.

Impressive institutions and growth don’t come by magic; they come by the hard work of individuals giving up time and effort for all our sakes. Say thank you to one of them today. They may save your life tomorrow!



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