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Tips for Beginners


August 20, 2011 by wcobserver

A few pointers for the new fishermen or beginner; if you can hire a guide they can show you the basics, then start with tackle. Fill your arsenal with things you will use, not what’s on sale. Listen to the guide and he will tell you the baits that will work for different seasons. Then pick out what you like and spend time learning to fish these baits. First get the rod and reels you will be using and spend time learning to spin and cast the different reels. Put targets on the ground such as copy paper or paper plates. Pitching will have to be learned from a buddy or a guide. This is a very important tactic. When fish get on the beds you will be sight fishing and the tactic of pitching is the key.

Check out books, magazines, and internet to learn more. If you can get in bass clubs this will help you fish better and smarter. One thing about club fishing is if you’re planning on buying a boat you can ride in different boats then you can make your decision on what you want.

You will have to spend time on the water to get patterns of fishing down. This is when and where to be at a certain time of day or year. I like to write things down such as what the weather was doing, time of year, and where and what I caught the fish on. The next year you can save time, and possibly put the same pattern together. This will give you a starting point until you work a new pattern out.

Main thing is to practice casting for accuracy. Before you purchase tackle talk to someone who knows baits. Buy what you need early, don’t stock up as the fish may quit hitting a certain bait, because of fishing pressure. They simply loose interest in that bait because they see it too often.

Do not expect perfection too early. My best memories are fishing with my family. Remember CPR (catch, picture, release). John 3:16. God Bless!



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