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Working Together Deserves Kudos


August 23, 2011 by wcobserver

Observant Observer readers no doubt saw the quarter-page ad in last week’s edition for the upcoming Half Marathon and 5K run coming to Winslow.

The event tagged, “Come run with the squirrels,” coincides with their annual WinFest celebration on September 17. The ad includes details about the race, a map of the course and their website address for online registration at . The web site was set up specifically for the race. The city itself doesn’t have an official website but the Friends of the Library sponsors one full of city information and even includes the Winslow phone book.

The Washington County Observer is proud to be one of six event sponsors that include Ozark Soap, Newlin Reality, The Bank of Fayetteville, Underwood GEO Graphics and Ozark Natural Foods.

We’ve always thought of Winslow as not only the “Little Town that Can,” but as the little town that DOES.

In recent years the town seems to have cultivated a culture of survival after this once thriving tourist destination experienced a downturn after WWII. There was the loss of many of historic buildings to fire decades ago. Then several years ago the high school was consolidated into the Greenland district followed two years later by the closing of the elementary school.

The historic downtown commercial district now consists of the City Museum (open daily) and the Mercantile which is only open only on Saturday mornings but has come to be known as the hub of informed conversation for that isolated part of the county. The gathering spot is operated by volunteers who sell fancy coffee and donuts and in the winter encourage patrons to bring a stick of firewood for the stove.

The small town’s volunteers still manage to operate a first class recycling program and farmers market. And there seems to be an endless parade of civic events that include, yes, even a Christmas Parade.

While Winslow has virtually no commercial activity, no high school, middle school or elementary school residents aren’t heard offering excuses or whining about being only a “bedroom town.”

We’re with you Winslow. And, we’ll be there with you at your Christmas Parade, Labor Day Picnic, Independence Day Fireworks at the ball park and the other community gatherings that celebrate working together.



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