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Fun-filled Days While the Crowds are Away


September 1, 2011 by wcobserver

Devil's Den Diary

By Tim V Scott

With the beginning of school, Devil’s Den does briefly slowdown.  Of course I mean weekdays, weekends are still busy.  This becomes the perfect opportunity to explore the park without the big summer crowds.  Instead of the trails resembling I 540, they possess a quiet solitude that is perfect for bird watching, wildflower identification or for just enjoying a peaceful day in the woods.  This quietness is not only reflected in the trails, but also in the campgrounds.

Up into the middle of September, the campgrounds will stay relatively empty except for two or three campers in each of the camping loops.  The nights become cool enough for a nice campfire, but the days are still summer like.

Another benefit to visiting the park this time of year is the pool is still open!  In fact, for the next 11 days the park’s pool is one of the few pools still open in Northwest Arkansas.  That is just an added bonus to your visit.  What could be more inviting than a long hike or mountain bike ride finished by a dip in the pool?

So here are a few suggestions for your visit to Devil’s Den State Park.  If you want to visit the park and avoid the maddening crowds, come during the week.   Hike the Devil’s Den Trail during the early morning while it is still cool and damp.  Plus you will begin to see late summer and early fall wildflower springing-up.   Then go to a picnic site or to your campsite or cabin for a light lunch.  From there, the next place on your agenda would be the pool for swimming and relaxing.   After your swim, it is time to hike the Yellow Rock Trail.  If you want a short hike, an out and back to the Yellow Rock is only two miles.  The Yellow Rock is the perfect place to view the Lee Creek valley and to let your thoughts wander.   You will also be on even ground with a soaring black vulture.  When you return, you will have several choices.  You could return to the pool if it is before 6:00 pm or maybe the store for some ice cream.
Whether you’re final destination is a cabin, campsite or your home, you will have had a fulfilled day.



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