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Good Fishing Returns to Beaver Lake


September 1, 2011 by wcobserver

This weekend we went to Prairie Grove Lake Saturday and Sunday morning. Fishing was excellent both days. Starting at 6 a.m. both days for about 4 hours schooling bass could be caught near the dam on a variety of baits. We caught numbers with wacky worms, but the 4 and 5 pounders came on buzz-baits and 12 inch Texas rigged worms.

Beaver Lake is at 1123 feet, which is full and clear, the best shape it has been in all year with the water temperature ranging from high 80’s to low 90’s. The top-water bite has improved all over the lake, with spooks and chug bugs. Most mornings the fish like a steady retrieve, the other days the fish like it best when you pause the bait and it is sitting motionless. Applying a small new white feather on the treble hook seems to help the bite on all top-water baits.

We are catching our top-water fish where the shallow water meets the deep water on main lake points. There are very large schools of shad being pushed shallow from the deep water in these areas and the bite is very intense for the first couple hours of the morning. When the top-water bite slows we pull out and fish the same areas with wacky worms and drop-shots rigged with Zoom finesse worms. Watermelon colors and red shad have worked best for us.

Wacky worms have always worked well in schooling fish, as this is a different look and presentation than the bass have been seeing. As the sun progresses we start Carolina rigging deep road beds and points with watermelon baby brush hogs and super flukes. You will be able to use this pattern for a month or so until the heat breaks.

Crappie fishing is hit and miss in 20 feet of water near brush or shade. Try using white and red jigs and or small minnows. For pan fish crickets are excellent on all small lakes. In Ozark on the Arkansas River we had a buddy do well on cut bait for catfish.

To book a fishing trip call 1479-871-9625. God bless Acts 2:38! Remember CPR (catch, picture, release)! Thanks for reading my fishing report!



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