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The Mysterious Case of the Habitual Break-ins


September 27, 2011 by wcobserver

One of the most popular items in any newspaper is the local police report. It piques that insatiable human thirst for scandal, titillating gossip, and offers a peek into the shady side of human nature. When those juicy news bites are combined with the ongoing melodrama that seems to envelop West Fork City Hall one has to ask (again): “What in the world is going on down there?”

A police incident report last week described a possible “breaking and entering” at City Hall although there was no sign of forced entry. City Treasurer/ Acting City Clerk/ Water Department Office Manager Kristie Drymon told police she thought someone tried to log on her office computer. Not only that but she said she suspected it had happened four times in recent months.

Everybody loves a mystery. What could be so interesting on that office hard drive that would inspire sneak thieves? Isn’t everything on city computer public information? The perpetrator could have just made a Freedom of Information request to inspect every digital file and folder in the computer then released them to the public. Sort of like our own WikiLeaks.

Then there’s the reoccurring element of the mystery: four break-ins? Could it be the same culprit coming back repeatedly or are there competing gangs of data thieves lurking around city hall?

Like others reading the local police report, we have our own comments and perfect-in-hindsight recommendations, but seriously, has anybody considered changing the locks?



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