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Twenty-three Years and Still Pedaling


September 27, 2011 by wcobserver

Devil's Den Diary

By Tim V Scott

Mountain biking has been a part of Devil’s Den’s landscape for 23 years. Every year mountain bikers descend on the park for the Northwest Arkansas Mountain Bike Championships.

Since the first mountain bike event at the park, the sport has not only grown in the area, but also in the state. Arkansas is blessed with topography that is perfect for mountain biking. In fact after you ride at Devil’s Den you can travel about an hour and pedal the Diversity Trail at Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area.

This weekend, there will be several events that are spectator friendly. The cross country race is always fun to watch, especially when the Cat 1 or experts race. The observed trials are always a crowd pleaser. The trials competition is hard to explain. A rider has a lane to ride through. In that lane there may be boulders, logs or other objects. The rider has to negotiate the objects without putting their foot down. If they put their foot down, it is a penalty. The person with the least points wins. Don’t let this simple explanation fool you. Sometimes the rider may launch off a rock to another object five feet away or 10 feet above the ground. The riders have to have balance and steady nerves. You will have fun watching the trials. It is Devil’s Den’s version of the x-games.

Whether you are watching the race or participating, the Northwest Arkansas Mountain Bike Championships is always a fun event to attend.

For more information on the race you can call the park (479-761-3325) or you can go to From that website there is a link to our race.



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