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A new, irreverant work from a ‘Redneck’ writer


October 6, 2011 by wcobserver

In my continuing quest to read books from local authors, I sometimes read a book that I would not have normally picked up. This month I review one of those books, by local author Pamela Foster.

​It’s not that I don’t enjoy the work of women authors. Some of the most interesting books I’ve read came from the imaginations of the fairer sex. It’s just that on the surface, this book seems to be a chic book, so I would normally discount it on face value. But once I got over that little stumbling block I started to enjoy the book for what it is.

​But what is it, you ask?

It is a book of fiction that quickly draws in the reader. The protagonist named Goo Goo Barr is a southern redneck woman. While working in Panama, she falls in love with a Panamanian man whose family is wealthy and politically connected.

She brings her new beau Julio down to Georgia to meet her kin. Of course, most of her kinfolk aren’t really happy that she is tangled up with a foreigner. They feel she can do a whole lot better with a local boy. Goo Goo is divided between her love for Julio and her wanting to make her family proud. It is a bit uncomfortable for everyone but Goo Goo and Julio don’t give up easily.

Before you start feeling too sorry for Goo Goo and her boy-toy, stop! This is not a serious book. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It is a book of irreverent redneck humor. Goo Goo and Julio end up on ​​several crazy adventures with her kinfolk. She goes hunting with one of her uncles and Julio goes fishing with a couple of her uncles. In both of these adventures hilarious situations ensue. In one scene, Goo Goo is alone in the woods taking care of a natural body function when she is attacked by a bear. She has no choice but to shoot the bear even in her compromised position.

Goo Goo also enters into a redneck woman contest, competing with some of her old friends and cousins.

I’ve read this type of crazy humor before but from a male perspective. The late and great Lewis Grizzard wrote from the southern man’s point of view. Sure he was highly educated and wrote a column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for many years. But his books were hilariously crazy and involved redneck humor. This author’s creation — Goo Goo Barr is a colorful character. The author plays the redneck southern stereotype to the hilt and it works.

Pamela Foster has a real gift for creating crazy and colorful characters and letting them do what seems very natural and realistic, natural for a redneck to do, anyway!

You might want to check with your local library for this book or if you are interested in purchasing your own copy contact Pamela at:



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