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Hurricane Irene Still Causing Problems … for Web Users


October 2, 2011 by wcobserver

Tip 1 – Clickjacking scam on Facebook: You see a video box to click on. It says “VIDEO SHOCK – Hurricane Irene New York kills All.” If you click on it you are a victim. You are asked to share a link to the Facebook page. After you have watched the video the scammers want you to take an online survey. They ask for personal information and collect a commission for the survey. This scam was identified by Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at You can contact him at

Tip 2 – FBI issues tips on avoiding fraudulent charitable contributions schemes: National disasters stir up feelings for making a donation to a charitable organization or a good cause. Before you make a donation to an organization you don’t know, follow these tips from the FBI.

  • Do not respond to SPAM email.
  • Be skeptical of individuals representing themselves as officials soliciting donations via e-mail.
  • Do not click on links contained within an unsolicited e-mail.
  • Be cautious of e-mail claiming to contain pictures in attached files. The files may contain viruses. Only open attachments from known senders.
  • Make contributions directly to known organizations rather than relying on others to make the donation on our behalf.
  • Go directly to the organization website instead of using the link in the e-mail.
  • Do not provide personal or financial information to anyone who solicits contributions. To do so may lead to identity theft.

To obtain more information on charitable contribution schemes, go to .
If you believe you have been a victim, email or call 866-720-5721.

Email or call in your questions or comments to the Observer to NEWS@WCOBSERVER.COM.

Column is written by Wes Eckles, Jr., President of the NWA Personal Computer User Group that meets monthly at the Jones Center at 1 p.m. Go to (no www. in front). for information about the group.



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