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See’ya in the Spring – Good Fishing!


October 2, 2011 by wcobserver

Hello Northwest Arkansas anglers! Fall is upon us and boy I am excited about it. We are getting some much-needed rain and cooler temps.

As you know it has been a barnburner of a summer. Fishing starts changing this month quickly, as the days start getting shorter and we normally have somewhat of a temperature drop. Water temps are slipping down and this triggers the fish to move on the shad as they move up. In other words, the subtle changes that occur this time of year can really cause a major fish movement from deep to shallow and it can be a quick one.

Keep an eye on the bait fish movements and also the conditions. On clear sunny days, you can smash them in the shallows early and late, and on cloudy days it can be good all day in the skinny water. The deep bite can also be good as well so don’t rule it out. It can be good to fish shallow water early and late in the day and then hit the deep humps and points during the mid-day period. Top waters can be really good this time of year on point and the mouths of the pockets.

I like to use frenzy pop rs and also white buzz-baits. Worm fishing can be great in September and the two of the best ones in my book are the Texas rig, Berkley power worm in blue fleck or plum color rigged with a 1/4-ounce weight and a 3- or 4-ought mustad wide gap hook. Another worm I have been successful on is the new Berkley havoc bottom hopper worm. You can Texas-rig this one and it’s killer on a shaky head worm in the shallows or in deep water. Also this worm floats like a cork. You can Carolina-rig this because of its buoyancy and the way it floats the hook. Spoons are working for white bass and a few black bass also. There will be schooling fish all the way to October.

This is going to be my last report of the year but all you anglers know numbers of fish can be caught on through to winter. And when winter hits, hit the heated lakes for some Florida strain largemouth action like on the Arkansas River around Dardanelle and Swepco Lake in Gentry. When temperatures start cooling down, if you would like a guided trip to a heated lake and a shot at a giant bass, call 479-871-9625! See you back next spring around March when we start going full bore again and after we get back from Lake Fork in Texas! God bless! Happy fishing!



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