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The CCC’s Voice of Satan


October 27, 2011 by Devils Den

By Tim V. Scott, Park Interpreter

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp at Devil’s Den printed a newsletter named the “Voice of Satan.” It gives a unique insight into life at the park in 1936. The Voice of Satan was published every Friday. The below articles were included in the October 30, 1936 (VOL. 1 NO. 13) Halloween edition.

WINTER ISSUE: Heavy winter clothing, in the two standard sizes, too little and too big, has been received and is now being issued to those who need it.

The cooks, too, are all dressed up in now whites.

VOICE OF SATAN RATES FOUR STARS: The height of the staff’s ambition was realized last week when we found The Voice of Satan in the four-star list in the October 17 issue of Happy Days, the national CCC publication. This is the highest rating given to camp newspapers, and every one in the camp is justly proud of the high position our paper occupies. We are all the more gratified with our rating when we stop to consider that only four weekly papers in the whole CCC received the coveted four stars last week.

But now that we have reached the top, we must not just sit back and think how good we are. There is still plenty of room for improvement, and we must all work hard to make our paper even better.

BLISS READS MOST BOOKS: A check of the library records shows that Darrell Bliss read the most books during the month of October. Henry Sly ran him a close second.

The art work for this edition was by George G. Snyder. He was at Devil’s Den before moving to the Veteran CCC camp at Petit Jean. His job was to document the activities at the camp through his paintings and drawings. In fact, through the research of Kathleen Duxbury, one of his paintings of Devil’s Den was found ​in the Smithsonian, but that is another story.



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