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A Season for Stories


November 17, 2011 by wcobserver

Over time the “Holy Day” gradually became the holiday. What began as a day of special religious significance for individuals and groups broadened into a day of observance for national or cultural celebration. A holiday is a day out of the ordinary, separated from the normal routine of work or school. It is often a day of rememberance and reflection on our guiding principles and helps us understand who we are.

In November, we celebrate a national holiday unlike many others. We don’t reflect on past wars and the sacrifices they generated.  We don’t focus on a day of religious signifance. We don’t highlight past national leaders or social movements.

In November we celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday notably secular and non-partisan and at the same time rooted in the most basic of human attributes – our love of family. The 24th day of November has been set aside to honor a universality of humankind; gather with loved ones, feast and be thankful.

We all know a lot more goes on around the Thanksgiving table than passing the gravy and dressing. There is the Talk. For many families this is the only time of year, in many years for some that extended family members assemble.  This is when many of us will engage in the traditional pastime of telling family stories.

So, naturally someone somewhere has made it official – November is “Family Stories Month.”  Even the government is in on it — The United States Department of Agriculture officially recognizes Family Stories Month through its Food and Nutrition Service department.

We’re probably safe to assume that folks have been spinning family yarns long before they ever thought up the idea of government. But, never mind, just because the government endorses telling family stories doesn’t mean it’s still not a good thing to do.

November is not just family story month, It’s also National Lifewriting Month.  This past time has grown in recent years probably due with the ease with which one can disiminate their story – the internet.  Memoirs aren’t just for the rich and famous anymore. Ordinary people have discovered the joy of sharing life’s little memorable events.  And more and more people are getting to enjoy those stories when they are written.

From the folks at the Observer we wish everyone a joyful Thanksgiving Holiday.

Share your bounty, share the fellowship and share your story.





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