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November 10, 2011 by Steve Winkler

West Fork’s councilmember Rodney Drymon might have been onto something at a budget workshop a couple weeks ago when he suggested that the only city department capable of increasing its revenue was the Police Department. What he might have overlooked is that not only does the city get a portion of traffic fines, but because the police are the city code enforcers they can generate revenue from ordinance violators as well as speeders. There’s some real money there.

Considering it’s a $25 a day fine from West Fork City Court if you’re found guilty of operating a business without a license, a yearlong violator could be looking at a $9,125 fine.  So perhaps while the police are cruising McKnight Street drumming up traffic fine revenue they could also keep on the lookout for businesses operating without a license.

Here’s a tip; look for property with tractor trailer trucks and a yard stacked with industrial material in the 900 block.


Steve Winkler

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