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Eatery Gets Accolades, Alley Gets Avoided


December 23, 2011 by Steve Winkler

By Steve Winkler/WEST FORK — West Fork’s downtown dining spot, Lobo’s Deli, got high marks and permanent status from the Planning Commission at its Dec. 15 meeting.

The concession trailer has been operating with a six month temporary placement permit from the city. Owner Justin Harris reported that the business has been “very successful” with income in the$6,000 – $7,000 a month range paying over $600 in monthly sales taxes. He said the business, operated by his father-in-law Troy Fredericks, plans to remain open during most of the winter and will be adding pizza to the menu.

Commission members complimented Harris on the responsible operation of the business noting the lack of citizen complaints regarding parking and appearance. Commissioner Larry Vail commendedHarris for keeping the trash under control which was a major concern for some when the businessopened in May.

Home owner David Wells appeared before the commission requesting that the city abandon an alley adjacent to his property at 282 Bloyt Street. He informed the commission of his plans to build a shop on his property. After some discussion, Chairman Mike Landa suggested the commission “give it to Butch [Michael Bartholomew] to make a decision.” A motion was made and passed.

Commission members were given a copy of the municipal code section referring to Occupational Licenses, which Landa suggested was problematic. The code requires that applicants for a business license comply with zoning regulations which require a conditional use permit be granted by the planning commission for a home occupation in a residential zone.

Landa is on record opposing that requirement. He also announced that he will be seeking a rezoning for his residence in the 900 block of McKnight Ave. from residential to commercial.

Steve Winkler

Steve Winkler is the publisher and editor of the Observer. Email him at

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