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December 25, 2011 by wcobserver

We’ve all heard the quotes and the survivors heeded the advice. “Adapt or die … onward through the fog … he not busy being born is busy dying.”

Whether it’s called “flexibility” or “bobbing and weaving” being able to adjust the emergent realities in every human endeavor is essential.

My personal adventure into the ubiquitous world of Media has been marked by a series of jerky starts and stops, quick turns, stupid attacks, strategic retreats, spontaneous reversals, evasive actions, tweaking and luck but always guided by the overarching principle that this should be fun.
What started as a hobby has grown into, well…a more expensive hobby. I climbed from being an avid newspaper reader to a producer of an e-letter, a homemade website, a monthly newsletter, a weekly newspaper, a bigger website then finally to the acme of journalistic ambition – my very own Blog.
And, you can be here, too. Our new redesigned web site has room for several bloggers that are looking for a home. Contact us. Tell us what you have in mind.

The Washington County Observer which has been a weekly newspaper will begin publishing the print edition every other week beginning Jan. 12, 2012. We’ll continue printing the news and information, features and columns, opinion and advertising we have been offering readers for two years. The paper will continue to be delivered to your home by the U.S. Postal Service and available at vending boxes in Fayetteville, Greenland, Prairie Grove, West Fork and Winslow.

The website never sleeps.



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