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View from the Right: Will Barack Obama be a one-term president?


December 19, 2011 by Mike Landry

By Mike Landry

It’s hazardous to guess election outcomes (the famous Chicago Tribune “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline comes to mind).

President Obama can be re-elected, but he has to overcome the possible loss of some constituencies.

These constituencies could include coal miners faced with EPA-directed job losses (unionized railroaders, too – trains are major carriers of coal) plus utility workers faced with closure of 8 percent of coal power plants (and don’t forget those who will be affected by the coming rolling blackouts of hot summer days); long-loyal Democrats like blacks and Catholics put off by Obamanista attacks on religion and family values; private sector blue collar workers (whom Democrats, calling them the white working-class, are finally admitting to throwing under the bus); guitar fans witnessing the raid on the Gibson plant; Jews concerned about the administration’s actions toward Israel; Southern Democrats no longer able to stomach the antics of their party (and who are willing to let Great-Grandaddy roll over in his grave if they don’t vote Democrat); automobile company bondholders swindled in the car company bankruptcies (along with the environmental group mad at Government Motors for using bankruptcy to avoid cleaning up toxic abandoned auto plants), and workers in Las Vegas whom Obama told not to visit.

Then there are corporate aircraft operators and workers; plus airline passengers molested, fondled and groped by TSA workers (and while border agents are boardering trains and buses to bark: “Your papers, please”); bankers and their families threatened with domestic ​terrorism on their front lawns; parents of children whose lemonade stands have been shut down; leftists and liberals disappointed that Obama could not lower the seas or pay every ​mortgage; Occupy Wall Streeters who recently marched on the President – finally realizing his ties to the rich they despise; would-be aerospace workers wanting Boeing to open a plant in the South; college professors concerned about Department of Education plans to federalize higher education (okay, except for two or three of us, college professors will still vote for Obama, but they are concerned about federal incursion into higher education); Louisiana oil workers unemployed due to drilling moratoriums; would-be pipeline workers forced to watch Canada sell elsewhere; people of sensibility offended by the lavish spending of the First Family in the midst of a droning recession.

Others of the Obama constituency who might be put off would include unemployed Kentucky lightbulb makers, whose products have been outlawed; Silicon Valley investors who will lose opportunities due to recent unlawful enactment of Federal Communications Commission regulation of the internet; doctors and other health care workers who will soon realize that fighting with lawyers and insurance companies is nothing compared to fighting with government bureaucrats; people wanting to quit their jobs and start their own businesses but who won’t due to the administration’s outrageous regulatory climate; college students unable to get jobs because companies are afraid to hire.

But will President Obama be re-elected?

Sure. Why not?

As long as he doesn’t count on the people mentioned above.

​​A Washington County resident, Mike Landry is professor of business administration at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He blogs at and can be contacted at​

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Mike Landry

​​A Washington County resident, Mike Landry is professor of business administration at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. He blogs at and can be contacted at​ ​ ​

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