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Happy New Year, 2012!


January 8, 2012 by wcobserver

Can you believe it’s the year 2012? I can’t. I’m still stuck on the year 1999! Anyway, here we are the end of the world or so they thought in 1999. Here’s hoping the year 2012 is the best ever for you, your family and your pets.

Here are a few reminders to help start off the year healthy and happy for your pets. If you received a puppy or kitten for Christmas this is the perfect time to begin their health care program. Puppies and kittens are born with worms and they can be transmitted to children.

Over-the-counter products often do not cover the array of parasite species infant pets carry. Get them checked out for general health by your vet and wormed with the proper medication. Puppies are extremely susceptible to the virus called Parvo.

It’s imperative that you have them vaccinated against this fatal disease at the proper life stages of puppies. Kittens need to be tested for Leukemia and Feline AIDS. These are the most important things you need to address for puppies and kittens.

Since it’s the holiday season the other thing we need to be concerned about it something I call Dietary Indiscretion. There is so much food around that you may be tempted to share some of it with your pets. It’s usually OK to give pets small amounts of people food but giving them too much or giving the wrong things can cause gastrointestinal upset. The most serious form is called Pancreatitis. The pancreas is a very delicate organ found in most animals and man. We can’t live without a pancreas. This vital organ has many vital responsibilities to health. The pancreas houses “islets” or little islands of cells that produce insulin and determine whether or not we get Diabetes. It also functions as a digestive enzyme producer and delivers the enzymes into the intestines at the right time and in the proper amounts. As long as this organ is healthy we can hum along with our lives totally unaware of its existence. But throw a monkey wrench in there and we could be dead meat.

Dogs seem to be more susceptible than cats to pancreatitis and small dogs especially Schnauzers are very sensitive. One of the major triggers to bouts of Pancreatitis is fatty foods. So please refrain from giving the fat trimmings from meats and other highly fatty foods like bacon and French fries to your pets. Some dogs can handle it just fine but you don’t want to be the unlucky one who has to rush your pet to the emergency clinic. Pancreatitis is time consuming and expensive to treat. And once a pet has had a bout they are prone to it again. If the organ is damaged too much the “islet” cells can’t function and your pet could also become diabetic.

Happy New Year, have fun and be safe out there. If you haven’t picked up your 2012 Calendar yet we have plenty left so just stop in and pick one or two up-they’re FREE.



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