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January 3, 2012 by wcobserver

Only one day left to get my application in for the lottery director job. I don’t meet the requirements but this is America, everybody has a chance…right?  It’s not about qualifications, and accomplishments, it’s about getting lucky; maybe all the other 49 applicants will withdraw for some reason. Who knows, somebody has to get the job, it could be me.

My college degree won’t be much help for this. No college degree required which seems strange for a agency raising money to send kids to college.  Of course, they prefer a lawyer, accountant or business master but a guy with just a knack could still slide into the spot. Everyone has a chance to win.

It’s a long shot but any of the 49 applicants could ring this big buck bell.

Even though I never ran a business that big, I do have some ideas on how to run the state lottery.

You gotta’ remember, it’s all about the kids and that popular something-for-nothing world view.   The winning argument that swayed voters to vote for it was the scholarship angle. Who wants dumb kids roaming around the state registering to vote.   So someone had the idea that the lottery profit should benefit students wanting to attend college.  Of course, the state’s colleges supported that idea, but the vocational schools, where realistically, the majority of high school grads should be heading were left out of the lottery tuition windfall.  I’d put the luck back in the game.

First every kid in the state who can come up with a high school certificate of graduation would be eligible for free tuition somewhere.  Forget grades, standardized tests, school size, district demographic, and good looks; just getting some kind of diploma world get you a place at the table. Any kid that can stick it out for 12 years gets a chance better him or her self.  Let them decide how that improvement looks.

Their name gets pulled out of the hat and they’re eligible for a year scholarship to any state accredited educational institution that will take them; technical vocation, real estate school, beauty school, massage school, tattoo school, etc.   If a school, college, institute, academy, university or whatever will let them in then they’re good to go.

The lottery commission is a state agency that promotes a particular world view. To be consistent the requirements for scholarships  shouldn’t be based on  good grades, hard work or coming from a rich school district.  It should be about Chance from start to finish.

I may not get around to filling out my application for lottery director and it may be against all odds but there’s always the outside chance they’ll just call out of the blue and offer me the job anyway.

Wish me luck.



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