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Letters to the Editor in Vol. 34, Issue 1


January 20, 2012 by wcobserver

More Shenanigans in the Water Dept?

To the Editor,

I am inspired by the previous issue’s Let- ter to the Editor, “Policies, Followed or Broken,” Dec. 29, 2011.

I am wondering why a transfer of an em- ployee from the Water Commission Department to the City Budget was apparently done by the Head of the Water Department without the approval of Mayor Hime and/or the City Council: Mr. Charlie Rossetti, Mr. Rodney Drymon, Mrs. Anita Lowry, Mr. John Foster, Mr. Ed Stout, Mrs. Misty Caudle, Mrs. Julie Shafer, and Ms. Joan Wright.

Doesn’t such a large transfer of salary and benefits greatly affect the City of West Fork’s Annual Budget? Won’t other departments in the City of West Fork be negatively affected by the addition of $50,000 annual salary and benefits? I, for one, would like to know that our city council has become aware of the sacrifices that other departments will make BEFORE a $50,000 per year decision is made.

Doesn’t the city treasurer and city clerk need to notify the mayor and city council of this decision?

Or, isn’t this decision one for our ELECTED LEADERS to make in the sunshine of a regular West Fork City Council meeting?

By the way, shouldn’t the appointed head of the water department inform the water commission and then the head of the Wa- ter Commission come to the mayor and city council to get approval for a transfer of $50,000 a year, plus the cost of any ben- efits?

On another note, why did the city planning commission, appointed by our elected city council, defer a decision regarding city property to one person who is not elected or a member of the city planning commission? Why couldn’t the city planners ask Mr. Bartholomew for advice to educate themselves on a subject that is basic to city planning and then make a collective decision? All city property is our public asset. Maybe that public space will be useful to the future well-being of the city’s infra- structure.

Also, expecting the mayor to be physically in the office is not reasonable because the Mayor represents the city at meetings, functions, and out around our town. That’s the beauty of cell phones. Paying the Mayor $7,000 a year and paying other positions up to $80,000 a year is an interesting way to make elected positions more hamstrung.

Thank you to the West Fork Public Library for providing digital recordings of our West Fork City Council meetings.

Thank you to the Washington County Observer; information is powerful and the more of us who have it the better.

Happy New Year and remember to be registered to vote and have an accepted picture I.D. to take when you vote Nov. 6, 2012.

Susan Cooney, West Fork

Emergency Workers Get Thanks

To the Editor,

On Dec. 21, I went home sick before noon and by noon I found myself passed out on our bathroom floor. I had called my wife telling her I needed her to come home; I was in a bad way. When she got home she found me lying on the bathroom floor. She tried to comfort me, but my con- dition worsened.

Not knowing what else to do, she then called 911 and an ambu- lance was sent to our home in West Fork. She said, if not for the kind and professional help of EMS paramedics and local and county police and the fire chief, the ordeal could have be much worse. She said their kind words and posi- tive attitude helped her through it.

I would like to thank everyone who came to our home that day and assisted in get- ting me off the floor and to the hospital. I feel we often take for granted our public servants and I would like to say Thank You.

Mike Culpepper, West Fork



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