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Letters to the Editor Vol. 2, Issue 52


January 8, 2012 by wcobserver

Country in a Big Mess

To the Editor

At this time in United States’ history, we the people are in the worst combination of disasters ever. The economy is teetering. We are involved in at least three shooting wars, maybe more. (The recently so called withdrawal from Iraq notwithstanding.)

The President has given himself and his successors the license to execute United States citizens without trial. (Judge, Jury, and Executioner.) The Patriot Act, which allows warrantless searches, wiretaps, etc., etc., has been extended time after time by members of Congress, who swore to uphold the Constitution.

Federal, state, county and city officials are busily implementing facets of “Agenda 21,” control by ordinance legislation, while at the same time shouldering up to the slop chute of “Grants” from an indebted and broke Federal Government that is thirteen trillion dollars in debt mostly to Communist China.

Our borders are almost nonexistent while our military, as mentioned before, is stationed in a least 26 other countries to “stabilize” them.

Locally, we as citizens stand idly by while our so called “Representatives” impose more taxes; implement more restrictive “feel good” laws and ordinances in the name of keeping us safe.

Vladimir Lenin, the father of Russian Revolution, had a moniker for those who implemented his agenda. He called them “useful idiots.” His word, not mine

John P. Fitts

Noel, Missouri


Ignoring History is Dangerous​

To the Editor

Europe and the USA have many things in common, one of which is the massive debt crisis both are experiencing because of politicians who fail to learn from history. George Santayana noted that those who fail to learn from the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them.

In both Europe and the United States, power-hungry politicians have been trying to buy votes with money we don’t have, taxing not only this generation but every generation in the future, guaranteeing a lower standard of living for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

These short-sighted politicos, thinking only of the present, seem to think they can go on forever, steadily increasing the public debt, by just printing more and more money without an equal increase in goods and services, hoping to find someone to buy our consequently less and less valuable bonds. As history has repeatedly shown us, this does not work. ​Every society that has tried this has collapsed. A prime example is the Soviet Union. If socialism were a better system, we would all be speaking Russian.

Previously democratic civilizations and nations that have tried this have collapsed into dictatorship. Some noteworthy examples are the Greeks, the Romans, and the post-World War I Weimar Republic of Germany, the latter printing so much money that its currency became virtually worthless, bankrupting the country, and resulting in the establishment of Hitler’s Nazi (National Socialist)  party dictatorship that brought on the horrors of World War II.

It is time to rid ourselves of such history-ignoring, out-of-touch-with-reality, power-mad politicians, ousting them from power, and never let them in office again.

Harold Bob Jones

Blair, OK  73526


​Policies, Followed or Broken

To the Editor

“Policies are meant to be broken.” Is this a true statement? Policies are established for guidelines and rules. When they are crossed or violated, the policies need to be reinforced or carried out.

The city of West Fork, has been under the lights of observation and some want to know about the town’s wellness and future.

A careful look at the City of West Fork’s Personnel Policy Adopted November 12, 2002, will help to shine a little more light on the policies that all departments are to follow.

The second page under City of West Fork, Arkansas Personnel Policy Welcome, fourth paragraph, states “Since your job is important, you should remember these points:

1. That you are a public servant and your job is to serve the citizens in the best way possible.

2. Be proud of your work and your association with the city. Your job is important because it helps the city provide the services for which the citizens pay taxes.

3. This does not allow the missuse of city funds by any department.”

In Section II. Employment Policies Authority to Hire and Fire, page two, the department heads of the city of West Fork are to serve at the will of the city mayor.

Section IV. Matters Affecting the Status of Employees, page 17, under the heading of Attendance, the employees shall be in attendance at their workstations. This policy states all employees are to be in accordance with policy set forth by the City Council. City department heads, along with the city employees, are to be in their specified locations and not at the local coffee shops or cafes. Is there to be an exception just because of name or status within the city? Policies are meant to be followed and city department heads are the leaders setting the example for accountability.

City vehicles are not to be used for personal use? Section IV. (2) Privilege Use, page 61, needs to have a closer inspection, then.

The Police

Department, Fire Department, whether full-time, part-time, or volunteers, are all subject to the same policy of the Standards of Conduct as set forth in the policies of West Fork. Especially if they drive vehicles or perform live saving procedures.

Section V. Standards of Conduct, page 36, under the heading of Controlled ​Substance and Alcohol Testing for the Safety Sensitive Positions, second ​paragraph identifies the safety sensitive positions and job definitions. This includes Police Protection and Fire Protection. Under the Procedure heading on ​​page 37, Drug Use Prohibited, employees of the city of West Fork are prohibited from using drugs. The last part of that paragraph states that an employee shall not consume any controlled substances while that employee is rendering city services on or off the job. Page 38 covers “worksites” of the employees.

According to Section V, page 39, random testing of drugs can be done. How long has there been one initiated for all the safety personnel of the city of West Fork? May the citizens of West Fork ask for one for the safety of all? The citizens of West Fork Arkansas are concerned about the service of the Department Heads, City Council members, and all that pertain to the future and safety of our community. The “good ‘ol boy” method system does not always work. Accountability amongst our city leader officials must come into place. Policies are meant for guidelines and rules. Not to be broken or ignored.

A chain is only a strong as the weakest link.

(name withheld)

West Fork




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