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Responding to Growing God’s Kingdom Complaints, State Proposes Clarifying Rules


January 25, 2012 by wcobserver

WEST FORK –Rep. Justine Harris may have to consider altering some of his preschool’s practices if recently proposed rules are approved by the State Board of Education.

Following complaints filed by the D.C.-based Americans United that Harris and his wife’s partially state-funded preschool, Growing God’s Kingdom, violates state and federal laws, the Arkansas Department of Human Services proposed new rules that would clarify what actions constitute an illegal use of tax-payer dollars for religious instruction.

Religious instruction includes songs and prayer. And as noted by the ADHS’ evaluator back in Novemeber, Growing God’s Kingdom had featured religious-themed posters on the wall, as well as Bible Study held after regular school hours.

As Harris did when the story first broke on Nov. 1, the West Fork resident defended the school’s practices, saying that religious instruction does not coincide with classroom time and that the proposed oversight runs against his freedom of religion. Harris, who recently announced his intent to run for the redistricted seat covering both Washington and Madison County,  raised concerns of his own when interviewed by the Northwest Arkansas Times:

[Harris] objects to being unable to pray with parents or others who come to the school needing counseling, sometimes after traumatic incidents at home.

“That’s just us. We minister to people,” the first-term Republican said Monday. “Now I’m going to have to question it if I pray with parent.”

Harris seems to be keeping his word from a November interview when he said “we are not doing anything wrong [and] we do not plan to change anything.” In fact, the state rep has sought the legal assistance of the Alliance Defense Fund, an Arizona-based religious-freedom advocacy group run primarily by Christian legal experts.

“Everyone in Arkansas needs to be awakened to their religious freedom,” [Harris] told the NWAT. “They need to say, ‘Am I going to stand with it or against it?'”

At Growing God’s Kingdom, which has about 168 pre-K students, teachers receive between $28,000 and $36,000 in state-provided salaries, while Harris’ wife, Marsha, earns a $14,000 administrative salary. After winning office in 2010, Harris said he stopped accepting a $9,000 annual salary. Harris said the school receives yearly audits and has never had a problem. DHS spokeswoman Amy Webb told the Observer in November that Growing God’s Kingdom is not on the departments list of state-funded school in need of serious supervision and that the complaint filed by Americans United was the first significant complaint against the preschool.

The Department of Education will review the ADHS’ proposed rule clarifications during its February meeting, according to the NWAT. What follows is a possible 30-day comment period, followed more bureaucratic and committee approval.

Read our November story on Growing God’s Kingdom here



  1. Elizabeth J. Adair says:

    Reply to Ken & Gail Ingalls

    Dear Mr. Ingalls:
    Please believe that I hold the utmost respect for you as a police officer as well as a community member. However, I have to question why you would think this is a “political smear campaign” on Justin and Marsha Harris.

    These are not unfounded rumors rooted from the left as you say, that are running rampant throughout the city. It it a fact that two children were “rehomed” by the Harrises and tragically, at least one of them was molested. Perhaps the Harrises are not directly responsible for this disgusting act but they ARE indirectly responsible due to an as of yet to be determined TRUE reason for them so casually passing along a couple of children.

    If the Harrises were so afraid that the children (six and three) were going to “kill us all” did they by chance ever contact you in your capacity as a police officer? Did they ever express their concerns to you? Did they ever ask for your advice?

    This is not a smear campaign, these are live, breathing feeling babies who have in all probability been irrevocably damaged. Yes, babies. Additionally, there is contradictory information that suggests the Harrises are lying. This adoption debacle does not pass the smell test. And rather than point fingers at DHS or anyone else, I would think much better of the Harrises if they would just accept responsibility for their part in the making of this mess.

    I certainly hope the entire truth to this matter is uncovered and at a very minimum, changes are written into law so that this never happens again.

    Elizabeth J. Adair

  2. I truly believe this is nothing more but a political smear campaign. Both Christian schools that have come under fire lately have business owners holding political office. Not a wonder the opposition is rooted from the left. I want to thank both Justin and Marsha for operating a business in the city of West Fork,creating job’s within our community,and providing children in NWA a quality education. Who’s really suffering the most here someones political antics or children. Long live GGK. Ken Ingalls, private citizen.

  3. Concerned West Fork Taxpayer says:

    Justin Harris is overplaying the “Christianity Under Attack” card. It is a ploy to portray himself as a martyr. His claim of being “hated” is hollow, and it distracts from the real issue. His religion is not under attack. Rather his having all Arkansas taxpayers pay for his religious instruction is the real issue here. He is perfectly free to provide religious experiences for his students. He just can’t bill the state for it.

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